Wednesday, December 13, 2017

อ้อย กะท้อน "อ้อย (เดี่ยว) กะท้อนทรงเครื่อง " (1991 ,Thailand ,pops ,folk rock )


อ้อย กะท้อน (Oi Katon ) released this 1st solo arbum after she left the folk rock band  กะท้อน  (Katon ) .
This has never been released as CD reissue .
Ripped from the legit cassette today .

Monday, November 06, 2017

Naoko Tsubota "A Bird Of Peterson " (1976 ,new music ,poem reading , Japan )

Naoko Tsubota is a Japanese actress .
She released this sole album in 1976 .

In Japan,this kind of music was called "New Music ".(They say it started in 1972 - )

They are similar to Folk Rock ,but not include political stance or living misery .
They are similar to Pop Music ,but not so rhythmical music .
They are  between Folk Rock  & Pop Music in Japan .

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Canzoniere Del Lazio "Italien " ( 1977 ,Italy ,prog folk )


The following review is from RYM

Recorded in 1 day in an East German studio, this album was Clara Murtas' debut in Canzoniere Del Lazio (CDL).  It's also the only time Mauro Pagani of PFM was in the band.  The primitive recording techniques suit the band well and give the songs a clear sound.  The songs themselves are drawn from Spirito Bono, Miradas, and, surprisingly, Morra.  But they are all graced with enough changes to make these recordings worthwhile.  CDL prove once again that they were Italy's best folk band by far.

I only uploaded lossless because you can get mp3  HERE

Monday, June 12, 2017

Angelo Branduardi nonstop selection

Angelo Branduardi is one of my favorite Italian singers .
He released a lot of original albums until today .
Every album is an excellent one ,however ,
the following 4 albums are the most important ones as progressive rock masterpiece.

Alla Fiera Dell'est (1976)  ....3rd
La Pulce D'acqua(1977 )  .....4th
Cogli La Prima Mela (1979).....5th
Cercando L'oro (1983) .....7th

He sings and plays the violin even today as a SSW .
They are not prog rock ,unfortunately ......
But ,the 4 albums are shining brightly in the  prog skies even tonight  !!!!!

Many of his songs' lyrics were written by his wife Luisa Zappa Branduardi .
It may be because his songs fills with a lot of love and peace....(although I don't understand Italian language at all ...)

I do hope younger generations enjoy Angelo Branduardi's  music a lot
If you  listen to my selected Angelo Branduardi 's favorite tracks ,
and like them ,listen to his original albums,please .
you will find that they are  brilliant treasures to prog fans ,absolutely .

In addition ,we cannot forget the contribution by Maurizio_Fabrizio for those 4 albums .His brilliant arrangement for them makes all of the tracks more & more progressive .
Maurizio is also still active .These days ,he supported making Renato Zero's new double studio album " Zerovskij"  Maurizio composed  9 tracks of 18 tracks (Mi trovi dentro di te, Ti do i voli miei, Colpevoli, Vivo qui, L'amore che ti cambia, Aria di settembre, Ti andrebbe di cambiare il mondo?, Un uomo da niente, Stalker )

Angelo  &  Maurizio


Il Libro ..7th (1)
La Giostra ...7th (2)
Donna ...5th (4)
Ballo ...4th (1)
Vanita Di Vanita' ...State Buoni Se Potete (OST,1983 ,1)
La Manifestazione Dei Bambini ...Momo (OST,1986,14 )
Cogli La Prima Mela...5th (1)
La Pulce D'acqua...4th (6)
L'isola ...7th (7)
Alla Fiera Dell'est...3rd (1)
L'acrobata ...7th (3)
Capitan Gesu' ....State Buoni Se Potete (OST,1983 ,10)
Il Vecchio ...3rd (3)
Profumo ...7th (8)
Il Marinalo ...4th (5)
Se Tu Sei Cielo ...5th (2)
Nanna Ninna ...5th (9)

Angelo at progressive rock era (1978)

                                  Angelo at progressive rock era (1983)

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Steve Hackett nonstop selection

Who is the best prog  guitarist all over the world ?
I think it is Steve Hackett .
Especially ,
From 1st solo album to 4th solo album are the best .(no question asked ! )
Hackett is active enough by making new albums and performing concert tours all over the world even now .
I also watched his concert several times before ,
Everytime ,he did GREAT performance for us ,and made us so excited .

This time ,I edited  Hackett songs nonstop (part 1 + part 2 ) for young generations.
Almost of the tracks are from his 1st to 4th solo albums .
By listening to them ,I hope more young generations will know his excellent prog tracks and guitar playing ,
and you will go to enjoy his live performance a lot when he visits your countries .

Absolutely ,Hackett is the best prog guitarist all over the world .

Many prog bands ask Hackett  to play in their albums and in their concerts even now.
It proves Hackett is still one of  the living great musicians to everyone .

One of the examples is the following album .(released on May 29 ,2017 )
Hackett plays 12 strings guitar on the track "The Hermit " in the album .
"The Hermit " was originally included in Hackett's 1st solo album "Voyage Of The Acolyte "(1975) ,The Watch version (2017) is quite different from the original version .
It has more powerful symphonic rock taste .
Worth to try The Watch version ,too .


Every Day (3-1)
The Show (4-9)
Narnia (2-1 )
Racing In A (2-3)
The Stepps (4-1)
Time To Ger Out (4-2)
The Air-Conditioned Nightmare (Cured -4)
Slogans (4-3)
Land Of A Thousand Autums (2-7)
Please Don't Touch  ( 2-8)
Spectral Mornings (3-8)
Clocks (3-4 )
A Tower Struck Down (1-3)

Kim (2-4)
Lost Time In Cordoba (3-6)
Tigermoth (3-7)
Jacuzzi (4-6)
Ace Of Wands (1-1)
Horizons (Bay Of Kings -9 )
Shadow Of The Hierophant (1-10 ,Extended Version )

Monday, May 29, 2017

Trem do Futuro (1995 ,symphonic rock ,Brazil )

all tracks

Some albums released by PRWW (Brazilian record company) has terrible poor recording quality .
This album is one of them ,so remastered and uploaded here .
This album is a really excellent symphonic rock album in Brazil.
We should listen to it better sound quality to praise the album's value once again.
If you want the original terrible poor file ,I will post it here again .Request ,please .

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Mizuki da Fantasia (Japan ,fantasy rock ,2017 )

"Mizuki da Fantasia" is a Japanese prog newcomer .
They will release their 1st album "In memory of fantasy " in late July .
The file I uploaded here includes some tracks from the album (not for sale CD ,promotion only )
Mizuki (1992 - ) started her career as a solo female singer in 2010 ,but formed this prog group to realize her dream in  2016 .

Friday, April 21, 2017

Pedro Ruy-Blas & Dolores (Spain ,jazz rock ,fusion,1975-78 )

Pedro Ruy-Blas is a popular singer in Spain ,and Dolores was his backup band (5 members ).
They released 3 excellent jazz rock albums during 1976-78 .

In fact,there is another compilation (2 CDs set ) released in Spain in 1999.
But three tracks are not included in the 2 CD set compilation (track 5,6 ,7 ),so it may be worth to upload this compilation released in Japan in 2001 .

track 1,7,11....1st album (1976 )
track 2,10....2nd album (1977)
track 5,8...3rd album (1978)
track 3,4,9 ....Pedro Ruy-Blas "Luna Llena " (1975 )
track 6 .... Paco De Lucía  " Interpreta A Manuel De Falla " (1978 )

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Hiroyuki Namba "Four Seasons " (1988 ,prog ,JPN )

As you know ,Hiroyuki Namba is one of the greatest prog keyboard players in Japan .
You will be surprised at this unknown excellent prog album .


Friday, March 17, 2017

Matao with Atilla Engin,”Turkish Delight " (1980 ,Denmark ,jazz rock )

You can get original FLAC here .
I remastered it because the phase (=range) of the tracks were small .




Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Группа Петра Пашкова ‎– Це не хевi метал рок (LP 1991 ,jazz rock ,fusion ,Ukraine )


You can try all the tracks here.

The name of the album means ..."This is not a Heavy Melal Rock" ....Wow ,what a sence !