Saturday, February 01, 2014

Part Three of the Blossom Dearie Chronicles: Simply Vol. VII and a complete Chez Wahlberg

It was surprisingly easy to find the complete original rip of Chez Wahlberg on a Friday night I had nothing better to do... good for you guys to have found out it was incomplete, which I never thought would happen and in fact had forgotten about.  On the same backup CD I found the album she did after the Vol. VI one (obviously) which was distinctly inferior, though there are a couple of great songs, esp. the "Over the Weekend" number and the incredible sound of the electric piano on "Free Again".  There must be only a handful of people in the world who even knew of the existence of this album, at least until now.  

The gorgeous track "After Me" that closes the album out should have been a hit.  
Check out the hilarious lyrics for "Loving in the present tense:"

"No more turnin' off the new wave
Heavy metal makes good sense
We make out to Michael Jackson
Loving in the present tense"

Now I recommend you all bookmark the new site which has featured some astonishing albums lost in the past, saved for the present: