Friday, May 30, 2008

Opposite Corner "Low-High/Jazz I Sverige" {Sweden} [1976/81] (jazz fusion)

"Opposite Corner from Gothenburg is one of the Swedish jazz groups that have attracted most attention since the beginning of the 1970's. The musicians in Opposite Corner are not only influenced by American jazz, but also by both folk and serious music from different countries. On this record group presents for the most part original compositions by Kjell Jansson."... says one of the backcover. Well this band also new to me, i am enjoying it for a week, and its pity no more information around for this hidden treasure. Quickly became one of my fav. Enjoy!

Uvertyr Till Anna Oumri..

Magenta - Magenta (1973 Belgium Prog Rock)

Magenta is a Progressive Rock band from belgium which released two albums. I had luck to hear just the first if anyone have the second also then please send it into comments or to my mail hope we will find it. Its not the same folk group Magenta and it have no connection to it


Thanks to Antonio

Avaric - Avaric (1979 French Folk) 1ST TIME RIGHT VERSION!!!

Here is a big mistake
Everyone who downloaded that album from soulseek or blog or bought on CD have not that album, evereyone have the Avaric - Avaric 1988 Baillemont reedition
Avaric - Avaric 1988 (Baillemont)
Is compilation of
2nd - 1980 Pauvre Sens Et Pauvre Memoire
3rd - 1981 Rotrouenges Du Méchant Amour
Then who have that on LP only he have that album
Asbjornsens Scented Gardens saying the same as
Then please recheck if you have the 13track version.

Tracklist for compilation can be founded here


That album is very good. Its good as 2nd and 3rd got it after some time and its one of the best folk albums i ever heard, the songs are little sadder but its still good as their other albums.

For informations and correcting me thanks to Lionel Baillemont

For album thaks to Patrick and for scans to Gildas

En mes pays quand me trouve en repos

Aura - Aura (1977 Poland Prg Jazz Rock)

The cover looks alike for a disco album but thats not a disco just influenced by communist colours. The album is pretty good fro the era in which the musicians lived but i not so like it i posting it cause my friend very and very like it and he want to add chance to others also to hear that good album hope you will like it as my friend.

Skrzynka Ciemnosci

Thanks to Denis

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Alfonso Noel Lovo - "Terremoto Richter 6-25 Managua" {Nicaragua} [1973]

Alfonso Noel Lovo is a musician, that appeared at Nicaraguan scene in early 70s, other than that we got this nice album. No info, no coverart around. This album is a variety and good mix of several genres funk to jazz; magic mushrooms to nicaraguan blues. A hidden treasure for eclectic tastes. Any information welcome.

Obertura & Back to Africa..

Our thanks goes to jazzyjones :) and for scans thanks to Alfonso Noel Lovo!!!

The Elders - Looking For The Answer (1971 US Hard-Rock)

Are you tired of Jazz-Rock posts on the blog? You are really tired of all these strange jazz-rock albums? So here is a healing The Elders will rock you to your bone. Thats a band from Ohio which was formed under the name: Jerry & the Others and some songs was released on compilation but ut was just Garage songs. In 1971 they released that great album a mix of blues rock hard rock and many other rock styles :) From cover you willl never say that they was a christian band

Looking for the Answer

Thanks to Peter

The Bridge - Overdrive a Rock-Jazz-Party (1972 German Jazz-Rock)

Another album to The Bridge family :) but thats by not same band. Thats by German jazz-rock band with same name to the canadian. They released just that one album. Its a great piece of jazz-rock and sometimes i feel like on a real jazz-rock party but its not a live album. The tracks are well played and somes are really great somes average but the album i very like.


Thanks to Denis

Dimopoli - Dimopoli (1977 Italian Prog Rock ex-Delirium)

Singer-songwriter Rino Dimopoli released his first album under his surname, and the beautiful cover can make you think of a progressive group. No prog at all, this is only a good songs album.
Dimopoli had played with Four Kents and was the singer in one of the latest mid-70's line-ups of Delirium.

Rino Dimopoli played on keyboards in band Delirium from 74-75 and he was the keyboardist on the 3rd and i think their best album one of my favourite prog albums. That cover is in TOP 10 of my favourite covers but the music not so good as the cover

If someone have more by Rino Dimopoli dont hesitate to contactme im sure that he vae second album:
Rino Dimopoli - Se Nel Cielo... Oltre Il Cielo 1979

Thanks to Fozzy Bear

il vecchio saggio

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Coincidence - Clef De Ciel (1979 French Jazz-Rock)

Second album by French jazz-rock band. Their first is very not interesting to me but that second i very like the guitar and keybors together make that album really important in jazz-rock scene. The cover is also very nice I understand it as listen to that album and feel like in heaven. SO FEEL LIKE IN HEAVEN

L'autre face

Big thanks to Patrick and Niemar

Friday, May 23, 2008

Bear Mountain Band "One More Day" {US} [1973] (Heavy Rock)

Great heavy rock from Arizona that plays that heavy US rock sound we all need, like, love. I don't know so much about them. The album has one or two west coast songs and the rest is heavy as lead with fast guitar solos and screaming guitar.

somethin' to say

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Opús - Daydreams (1980 Symphonic Rock Germany)

First album by Austrian pop star band Opús which made well known single Live is Life but thats totally different music, something in style of Genesis and sometimes as ELP great symphonic prog


Thanks for it to Gilles

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hotzenplotz (Kraut Polit-Rock - 1971)

You know Floh de Cologne, don't you?
Well, they're just the tip of the iceberg, as there were plenty of polit-krautrock groups in Germany during the Seventies, many of them as politically radical as musically creative.
Among them one of the best and most elusive were Hotzenplotz from Stuttgart, whose only lp "Songs aus der Show" dates from 1971 and is a real psychedelic treat.

Opening Bleibt Cool Freunde

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Seven Ages of Man - Seven Ages of Man (1972 UK Jazz-Rock)

Very nice effort by that UK jazz-Rock band with an very nice artwork

The Age of Conception

Big Thanks to Antony

Satisfaction - Satisfaction (1971 US jazz-rock)

A masterpiece of Blues, R&B, Jazz, Prog and Psych. Very goodsongs ans excelent musicians, specially the guitar player, organ, sax and flute.
You have to just enjoy it

She Follows the Band

Thanks to Antony

Pascal Bacoux - Pascal Bacoux (1979 French Soft-Rock)

French soft folk rock by that pretty unknown french musician

Maman Lias

Thanks to Gilles

Southern Comfort - Southern Comfort (1970 Blues-Rock US)

There are a bunch of different bands known as Southern Comfort. This particular band is composed of Mike Bloomfield and Nick Gravenites related sessionmen. Nick produced the album too. They got a very west-coasty blues rock sound kinda like Pacific Gas & Electric. However, they are sorta faceless and generic...but professional.

That album is for me great Blues-Rock with mostly cover version but very good covers on some songs Nick Gravenites and Mike Bloomfield plays, another small printed album

All Day Long

Big thanks to Antony

Glencoe - The Spirit Of... (1973 UK)

Second and last album by UK band Glencoe which bandmembers was:
Stewart Francis (drums, vocals), Graham Maitland (keyboards, vocals), John Turnbull (guitar, vocals), Norman Watt-Roy (bass, vocals)

Its not so good as their first but it still have something to say

Nothing (is between us)

Thanks to Antony again :)

Exit - Exit (1975 Swiss hard rock)

Swiss hard rock record from limited edition, later reissued as Swiss Rock History Volume. 2 from 3 volumes that was the second

I like the cover of the album

Balade of live

THANKS to Antony

TCB - Open for Business (1970 US psych album)

US limited edition to 500 copies psych rock release which will get you into the musi very fastly and the Business would be better (:

Feelin' It

Thanks to Antony for it

Michel Zacha - Inutile (1977 French Pop Folk Rock)

French pop folk rock album by Michel Zacha. Its his third album. Cant say more just you must try it and then you will know what is it

Viens dans mon esprit

A Big thanks for ripping and scanning to GILLES

The Bridge - The Bridge (1971 Canada Psych Rock)

Bridge answer the question, for anyone who wishes to know, what happened to the Canadian band David after their lone record on Sound Canada in the late 60s. Guitarist Francis Webster, bassist John Webster, and drummer Tony Lecallion from David make up Bridge who recorded this ultra obscure and rare record at the same Sound Canada studios in 1971. Next to each song is a brief description of the musical genre of each ranging from "Ego Trip" to "Country" to "jazz shuffle." What this album is differs drastically from what you'd expect from David. The best way to describe Bridge's album would be "Sweetheart Of The Rodeo" on tons of acid! There is no fuzz guitar, but a clean westcoast shimmering tone on all tracks, bizarre vocal effects on the tripped out "It's My Life" and plenty of weirdness present for the whole album. The tracks that are labeled "Country" all have a strange bent to them despite being early back-to-the-roots country rock influenced by Graham Parsons and "real" country artists like Hank Williams. The long "Ego Trip" version of Little Richard's "You're My Girl" is great fun and the only good version I've heard of one of his songs. There is something here very enjoyable for anyone looking for a bizarre twisted record of fun music, especially "Brand New Day" with echoes of Spirit and a bit of Freeborne. Very rare and a good one. - Ben Blake Mitchner

Its pretty nice rare album released on Vintage Records
If someone have more info dont hesitate to send it to comments

You're My Girl

Thanks to Tim and Ivan

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Blues Right Off "Our Blues Bag" {Italy} [1970] (Heavy Blues-Rock)

Italy have always been famoused for all the progressive bands. But this is something totaly different a blues rock album! imagine Canned Heat and early Ten Years After but with a little bit more fuzz on some songs.
Some information:
THE BLUES RIGHT OFF Claes Cornelius (vocals, guitar)Giancarlo Salvador (bass)Fuffi Panciera (drums)Paolo Zanella (flute, guitar)+ Ermanno Velludo (sound engineer)A very little known group from Venice, but their only album, released in a very limited pressing, is among the rarest of the italian 70's rock. Not really a progressive rock album, this is surely a progressive work, starting from its odd jute sack cover. It was also one of the first (or possibly THE first) LP's by an italian blues band, as the blues was considered in Italy as a music only reserved to foreign musicians during the 60's.The band's leader, guitarist Claes Cornelius, was in fact a foreigner, from Denmark, that had moved to Italy in the mid-60's and soon played an important role in the beat era and afterwards.He had founded with sound engineer Ermanno Velludo the Suono Recording Studio.The album, Our blues bag, contains seven tracks, all sung in english and in the best blues tradition, based on electric lead guitar solos and high-pitched voice. All the tracks are original.Some Canned Heat similarities can be heard in the vocal parts or the use of a flute (like in Rushing wind), but generally the group has a personal sound.The band had been formed at the end of the 60's, and after its demise Cornelius kept as a session player, moving to the USA for a year, and then, back in Venice, contributing to Venetian Power's The arid land. He moved back to Denmark in 1974 and has stayed in the music biz since then, as a producer and musician.

Leaving My Hometown

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Grim Reaper (German hard prog - 1979)

Here is another from the obscure bush of Germany's Seventies prog scene.. This time it's one for hardrockers: think of a more amateurish Jane, and fascinating just for that.
The name of the group was Grim Reaper, the title of their sole lp was "We were all fools.." - and yes, in 1979 we were!

A Mortal Game

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Friday, May 09, 2008

Whitsuntide Easter "Next Time You Play A Wrong Note ... Make It A Short One" {Holland} [1977] (Acid folk psych, progressive)

Dutch heavy acid folk monster that’s hands down the best lp on this great UK label. Often compared to obscure Euro folk/psych bands like Trees, Carol Of Harvest and Spriguns, but Whitsuntide Easter also has a strong progressive angle as well as an occasional hint of jazz fusion. Creative penetrating male/female vocal harmonies add a surreal depth to the project. ‘Transitory’ and ‘ICU’ are intensely beautiful songs that fall into the fragile hypnotic folk category, with delicate vocals and shimmering acoustic guitar. Same goes for the mesmerizing ‘She’ which includes some stylish fuzz guitar. It’s the kind of sound that UK collectors have gone bonkers over, translating into big bucks on the international scene (copies of this lp have been spotted at $500 and more!). The folkrocker ‘Hills’ has some eerie phased vocals, while the bluesy acoustic ‘Psalm 355’ shifts midway to deliver some blaring loud guitar leads. Also rocking with substance are ‘New World’ and ‘Words’, both with that psychy underground electric quality and jazz-rock touches. ‘Coming Of The Messiah’ is an interesting hard rocker, recounting a misled vision that Christ would return on a certain airplane flight. Admitting their deception at the end they warn “he won’t come on Flight 001, but be ready when he comes”. Attractive flute work on a couple of these songs. Housed in a handsome gatefold cover with lyrics and band photos. The front cover says “Next time you play a wrong note”, continued on the back with “make it a short one” (the label and spine just say Whitsuntide Easter).

Psalm 355

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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Maloo - All about the things (German fusion - 1977)

Here is another German obscurity...
Typical Kraut fusion from the Seventies with some Canterbury influence, cleverly played and full of invention.
Maloo came from Hannover, this is their one and only lp, virtually unknown but well worth your attention!


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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Virgo - Four Seasons (1977 german Jazz-Rock)

The second album by Virgo and i think thier best then enjoy it please

high do

Virgo - Lutello (1978 Germand Jazz Rock)

Third album form pretty unknown but very good germand jazzrock band. I very like the flute on that album. Its not their best but their first 3 albums are all very good the fourth not so

A1Hole in the Clouds7:14
B2Fly Over5:00


Monday, May 05, 2008

Chimera - Obstakel (1980 Dutch Folk Rock)

Another folk killer! The second Chimera album on Legendary Stoof Label. For some unknown reason even harder to get that their first album (Chimera only made two albums) Again an brilliant folk album of a very high quality. All musical arrangements were done by themselves inspired by (1400 to 1800) Dutch stories, such as "crying at the Fair" and "street lady". Fantastic Female voice (by Marry Verkade) and supportet with multi-talented artists, using a widespread (traditional) instruments. Rather undefinable album with unique sound! One of the few must-have of Dutch Folk Gems

i can just agree with that review take that great album and also want to say big thanks to our Greek friend antonios

De Stalknecht

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Virgo - same (Germany 1975 - kraut fusion)

here is the selftitled lp by German group Virgo, who played a lively jazzrock spiced with Canterbury hints and the obvious Krauty suggestions. They made 4 lps from 1975 to 1979, this is their first.


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