Monday, June 20, 2016

PADDY GLACKIN/JOLYON JACKSON." HIDDEN GROUND".(1980 ,Ireland,traditional instrumental music )

 Jolyon Jackson was a keyboard player and former member of Supply,Demand & Curve .
I posted their sole album here ,and after disbanded, he released this collaborated album in 1980.
He played almost all of the instruments except fiddle (=traditional folky violin) by  Paddy Glackin.
It is an excellent instrumental Irish trad & folk music album.

Jolyon Jackson


Friday, June 03, 2016

Gotic's unreleased 2nd album is out NOW !!!

Gotic's unreleased 2nd album can be purchased at the Gotic official website now.



I got a following message from official GOTIC website these days .

It says.....
The “Gegants i serpentines” record is a digitalized, cleaned, polished and remastered version of the 1978 original master tapes, revised, remastered and approved by us!!
 Maqueta  is an Unathorized “pirate” version, of poor quality as it was recorded from a “cassette”. 

Album streaming here.