Friday, July 25, 2008

Fantasy - "Vivariatum" (1970-76) {UK} [1994] (Prog Rock)

The story of this band started at the Chapel Farm, a farmhouse near Gravesend (Kent) were the band had their first rehearsals. It was the family home of singer Paul Petley, other musicians were Geoff Whitehorn (electric guitar), Paul Lawrence (acoustic guitar/vocals), David Metcalfe (keyboards), David Read (bass guitar) and Brian Chatham (drums), later replaced by John Webster. The lead guitar was by the promising Bob Vann but he died in a car accident, he was replaced by Pete James. The new line-up FANTASY sent a demo tape to the label Decca and changed their name in FIREQUEEN. But Polydor was also interested and they pursuaded the band to sign for them. Again the band decided to change their name, it became FANTASY, a name that fitted more to the style and flavour of the music. The debut album was called "Paint A Picture" and released in '73 (now on CD). Soon FANTASY belonged to the past, the tapes for a next album remained in the vaults of time.

Fortunately the label Audio Archives released these tapes as a CD called "Beyond The Beyond". This one is an absolute beauty and it contains nine very refined compositions with warm vocals and 12-string acoustic guitars, flowing and sensitive electric guitar and lots of Hammond organ and Mellotron. The highlight on this album is the track Alexandrie (almost 9 minutes) with the Mellotron in all its splendor: majestic eruptions and beautiful waves along a typical Sixties sounding organ. A MUST! : : : Erik Neuteboom, The NETHERLANDS : : : Fan & official Prog Archives collaborator

Track Listings
01. Fire-Fire (6:41)
02. Vacuum (4:03)
03. In My Life (3:56)
04. Low Love (4:26)
05. Stardrifting (4:32)
06. I Was Once Aware (3:30)
07. Could It Be Forever (3:55)
08. Fantasy Moods (4:11)
09. Angel (3:24)
10. Alone (4:31)
11. Afterthought - Original version (7:26)

Original recordings re-mixed and produced by Denis Blackham.
Tracks 1, 2, 10 and 11 recorded in 1970; tracks 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, and 9 recorded in 1976; track 6 recorded in 1973.

- David Read / bass, double bass, vocals
- Paul Lawrence / 12 string guitar, vocals
- David Metcalfe / keyboards, clarinet, vocals
- Paul Petley / lead vocals
- Peter James / lead guitar, vocals
- Geoff Whitehorn / lead guitar
- Jon Webster / drums

11. Afterthought - Original version...

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Shin Jung Hyun and the Men - Woman of the Evening Sun (1972 South Korea)

Woman of the Evening Sun has a lot more singing in it than the follow up. The psychedelic vibe is in full effect; this sounds like a Korean Doors band. It's more slower paced though. The second album is faster paced too and more progressive in a sense. The music is heartfelt and very nature-esque. Beautiful Rivers and Mountains definitely portrays that well. Review by Selfmonarch

Thast a first album by that band not as good as their second It's a Lie but still good enought for not being forgotten album

Thanks to origynal ripper

the evening sun...

Monday, July 21, 2008

Blumen des Exotischen Eises - ethnic psych kraut - Germany 1986

Here is one for fans of a lesser known facet of the Kraut Thing, the Eastern ethnic psychedelic fusion explored in the Seventies by such groups as Limbus, Siloah, Kalacakra...
This is a widely unknown lp from 1986, by one Alfred Otterstaetter and friends, under the guise of
Really mindblowing stuff!

Karawane Der Mystiks...


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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hugo Filho - "Paraibo" {Brazil} [1978] (Psych/Folk/Fuzz)

Ultra rare - 1978 released by HP (independent label), fantastic Brazilian psychedelic gem wanted by collectors around the world. Songs composed by Hugo Filho, Ze Ramalho, Padua Carvalho.

01 - Paraibô (Hugo Filho Pádua Carvalho)
02 - Quem Me Viu Por Aí? (Hugo Filho Pádua Carvalho)
03 - Não Me Digam o Que Ser (Zé Ramalho Pádua Carvalho)
04 - Meu Sol (Zé Ramalho Pádua Carvalho)
05 - Quero Você, Você (Hugo Filho Pádua Carvalho)
06 - Medo (Hugo Filho Pádua Carvalho)
07 - Arcozelo (Hugo Filho Pádua Carvalho)
08 - Valsa Para Fabrici (Hugo Filho Pádua Carvalho)

Valsa Para Fabrici...

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Calliope - "Elvirágzik" {Hungary} [2002] (pre-NeoFolk)

Calliope was formed during fall 1996 in Pécs. The band - which was started to play in a quartet formation (cello, voice; guitar; bass and drums) - has played their debut concert at the first Anti-Drug Festival in Pécs. Since then, they play frequently in various clubs and cafeterias.
During late 1997, they have recorded an demo album titled Incognita. The record was published by Crossroads Records, an independent music publishing company.
In fall 1998 Gyula VERES joined the band with his tenor and soprano sax, he is playing an important role in forming the sound of the band, as well as acting in the composition of new pieces.
In summer 1999 the band won the award of the XX. Kaláka Folk Festival, one of the most famous and prestigous international folk events of Europe.
Calliope is tied up mostly with jazz, rock, contemporary and folk music - living and working in Hungary, folk means the melody- and rhythm-rich music of Hungary and the South-Eastern countries to them. While seeking the consonancy of the various elements of style and music, they are concerned in building their own sound and style.

- Péter HUVÖSVÖLGYI - guitars
- Bálint PÁSZTOHY - drums
- Judit BONYÁR - cello, voice
- Tamás MOLNÁR - bass
- Gábor Szucs - dobok
- Gyula Veress - tenor és szopránszaxofon, tapan

- Calliope - Incognita MC. 1998 . CrossRoads Records;
- Calliope - Elvirágzik CD. 2002. Szerzoi kiadás;
- NeoFolk - Demo CD. 2005.;
- NeoFolk - Kezdet CD. 2006. Szerzoi kiadás.

More info:

tRacK 06

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NeoFolk - Sonata 1

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Firyuza – Firyuza {Turkmenistan} [1980] (fusion/prog rock)

an updated better rip for this old post and mysterious band. Thanks to Andrei Solovyov!

its a good information on web for this of the rarest asian fusion came up to the scene from turkmenistan.album have 3 songs.put some light folky scales,good solos,hiperactivity..this is firyuza..if you have information/knowledge dont hesistate to share in comments..keep listenng!

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Nemesis - "Nemesis" {Greece} [1976-8] (unreleased prog lp)

Never released recordings from this great greek band. They played hard progressive rock. All tracks are between 1976-78 but recorded in studio in 1979. Spring of 1980 played support to Socrates. Complex rhythms, lots of guitars, mellotron and keyboards. English vocals. Anazitisi records released this for sometime ago in Lp form at small amounts. You may order one copy from here It quickly become one of my favorite, a true hidden treasure of greek rock history. This is for the friends who enjoy the yes side of prog.

Line Up:
Vasilis Kapanikis - guitars,flute
Chris Vogiatzis - bass,voices
Panagiotis Dimitrakopoulos - Keyboards,piano,violins
Thanassis Kipenis - Drums
Alexandros Tripidakis - Organ,keyboards

oPuS 22..

Our thanks goes to antony :)

Monday, July 07, 2008

Zappatta Schmidt - "It's Gonna Get You" {USA} [1971] (funky hard prog)

Somewhere it says; "...My knowledge on this band is practically non-existent. Did these guys really exist as a band? Or were they just drafted in to cut this record. Its all very mysterious as the writing credits mainly to Eddy Grant (who also produced the lp) and there are no players listed. I'm no expert in Eddie's vocal talents...but is that him singing on this?? Sure kind of makes sense if it is. I would never associate Eddy Grant with heavy afro funk but thats the general slant of this lp - Heavy heavy organ funk that isn't so much about songs...more like grooves! Three of the tracks are over 8 minutes long so they are really jamming along here. Its hard to a fave track but 'Freedom' is possibly up there. It has a very long morose intro and then just drops into fuzz guitar that just rips into a funky rocker. Phew..." read more here
otherplace album described as; "...If you can figure this album out, you're a better man then me. It's psych rock to be sure, but with a really weird blend of songs. Funk heads want it for the 8 minute "Sweet Jam" which is as good as advertised - a heavy, mid-tempo groover. All things considered though, this is more of a collector's trophy than a record that you'd actually want to play out...." read more here

ZaPPaTTa iN thE citY..

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Regrelh - "Cant dels Trobadors" {France} [1979] (psych acid folk)

Somewhere it says "A real masterpiece From French acid folk scene. Concept album mix electronic and folk psych religious with dark atmosfer, some effects, synthe, percusions, sinister vocals, violin, alternate acoustic and electric guitar soli. Very strange album, but highly recommended. Housed in dark gatefold sleeve. INS." a hidden treasure.