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Tales of the Electric Pong Orchestra 1977

A very interesting description, full of info, was found on amazon.com of all places. I've included it below. This album is from the incomparable and unforgettable osurec via master shige. I pray like the cargo cults of new guinea we will see osurec's return. For those who don't know, the cargo cults occurred when hunter-gatherers on first contact with europeans flying in on airplanes to remote jungle regions brought with them such sensational technology as rifles, radios, telephones, etc. The stone age people thought these were literally sons of gods who flew with wings and worshipped them, even turning the landing strips of their planes into temple and holy areas. Every day they prayed the white gods would return with their magical 'cargo'....

This album I personally found quite interesting due to its compositional quality. The first side is the standout, opening with the ten-minute tales of the electric pong. It starts with typical 70s funky fusion stuff but a well-composed trumpet passage then brings in a fugue-like passage, before the energy heats up again, for a third part that reminds of soft machine's rubber riff period. The last part is an almost atonal schoenberg or stravinsky composition similar to the most adventurous egg compositions with clarinet, english horn, flute. On second listen, I find the second side definitely somewhat dull in its average funk-jazz level. Here is the review:

By Scott Blackerby (Reston, Virginia) (REAL NAME)
Pelican Records was an offshoot of the California-based Baby Grand label. Apparently one of those mid-1970s tax scam enterprises, the Baby Grand/Pelican catalog's quite large, though there are big gaps in the documented catalog.

Written and produced by Dennis Dreith (Ronald Fair serving as executive producer), this is nothing but speculation on my part, but my guess is that 1977's "Tales of the Electric Pong" reflected material Dreith had previously written and recorded for various television and movie projects. Pelican somehow got access to the results, repackaging it as a quickie tax dodge release. Given Dreith's musical background, that might not be a major stretch. He started his professional musical career in the mid-1960s working as an arranger and ghost writer for Hanna Barbera cartoons. That led to composing and orchestrating scores for television films and motion pictures such as Howard the Duck, The Shadow, Purple People Eater, The Punisher, etc. Whatever the story, musically the album featured a collection of throwaway atmospheric instrumentals - I've heard stuff like this referred to as incidental music, that bounced all over the genre map including experimental, funk. jazz-rock fusion, and easy listening moves. Nothing here was going to change you world, but then that was the intent.

- Most of the first side was taken up by the instrumental 'Tales of the Electric Pong'. A three part instrumental suite, 'Tales', 'Interlude' and 'Three' sounded like a cross between Booker T. & the MGs and something that might have been penned for the soundtrack for a cheapy television detective series. Course that only made sense given Dreith's extensive background in television and films. Needless to say, the Booker T. segments sounded a lot better than the television soundtrack segments. rating: ** stars
- Well, say what you will about this album, but the instrumental 'Trio for Alto Flute, English Horn, & Bass Clarinet' was an apt description of the tune ... Very experimental and somewhat atonal, it's almost guaranteed to send rock fans running for the door in a hurry. rating: * star
- Giving credit where due, side two's 'Karuna' exhibited a nice jazz-rock guitar solo and a touch of funk in the mix, but still retained that distinctive television soundtrack feel - easy to imagine the main character detective strolling along a beach thinking about his case ... rating: *** stars
- Another truth-in-advertising cut kicked along by a slinky melody and some of the cheesiest synthesizers you'll ever hear 'Southern Slink' was probably the standout performance. rating: *** stars
- Another synthesizer-propelled number, 'Nrujo' was the kind of jazz-rock fusion background piece you would have heard in a happening 1970s restaurant. rating: ** stars

"Tales of the Electric Pong" track listing:
(side 1)
1.) Tales of the Electric Pong (instrumental) (Dennis Dreith)
i.) Tales (instrumental) - 6:04
ii.) Interlude (instrumental) - 1:14
iii.) Three (instrumental) - 4:27
2.) Trio for Alto Flute, English Horn, & Bass Clarinet (instrumental) (Dennis Dreith) - 1:21

(side 2)
1.) Karuna (instrumental) - 5:53 (Dennis Dreith) - 5:53
2.) Southern Slink (instrumental) - 3:01 (Dennis Dreith) - 3:01
3.) Nrujo (instrumental) - 3:11 (Dennis Dreith) - 3:11


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Hill Andon "PAGE☆ONE" (1974,Japan,Folk ,Psych)

This is an obscure legendary Japanese folk album in 1974.
I can UL and enjoy with all of you thanks to one of my mates,Fusionaut.
He leaves the following comment.
"....This is a folk-rock/folk-psych album and has some nice fuzz guitar soloing weaving in and out on some tracks, and the atmosphere's not bad, so it's certainly worth a listen or two, and likely of greater interest to those predisposed to this sort of thing."

The file includes scans of  cover ,obi,and insert sheet.

Side A
1.伽藍堂 garandou :lead vocal by Ieda.
means emptiness
2.寒い夏 samui natsu :lv by Miyama.
means cold summer
3.吸血鬼の歌 kyuuketuki no uta :lv by Ieda
means vampire's song
4.五月 gogatsu :lv by Ieda & Shimamura
means May
5.影 kage :lv by Miyama
means shadow

Side B
1.風まかせ kaze makase :lv by Ieda
means As the wind likes
2.二月にて nigatsu nite :lv by Ieda
means in February
3.何かが nanikaga :lv by Yabe
means something
4.ささやき sasayaki :lv by Ieda
means whisper

家田和則 Kazunori Ieda.....vo ,eg,ag,eb
島村英彦 Hidehiko Shimamura.....vo,eg,ag,p
深山光一 Kouichi Miyama......vo.ag
矢部武司 Takeshi Yabe.....vo,ag,eb
岩井正明 Masaaki Iwai....vo,ds


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Band Aide "宇宙循環”(Japan,1978,ex-Flower Travellin' Band)

Band Aide  "宇宙循環”(Japan,1978,ex-Flower Travellin' Band)

宇宙循環  Uchuu Junkan.............means "Cyclic Universe"

Flower Travellin' Band disbanded on July in 1973.
Later,  Hideki Ishima (G) made this project "Band Aide" with Nobuhiko Shinohara (key) and released this sole album "宇宙循環" in 1978 .
Nobuhiko Shinohara officially joined Flower Travellin' Band  in 2008. (The band was regrouped to tour.)
This album is the concept album.The theme is "Outer Space".I believe prog fans can enjoy it a lot.

Nobuhiko Shinohara

Hideki Ishima

Muneo Sagara

Ryoichi Arimoto


T Sax,Shinobue


Side 1
1.宇宙循環 OUT-PUT ....Cycric Universe out-put
Hideki Ishima,Nobuhiko Shinohara
2.GⅠ型恒星、GⅡ型恒星 ....GⅠtyped fixed star,GⅡtyped fixed star
Ryoichi Akimoto,Muneo Sagara
3.スター・ウォーズ ....Star Wars
John Williams
7.6TH. AUGUST.B.C.5001

Side 2
2.発見 ...discovery
3.未知との遭遇 ....Close Encounters of the Third Kind (the movie in 1977)
John williams
6.26% MORE
7.接触 ....contact
8.宇宙循環 IN-PUT ....Cycric Universe

ripped from original LP.

Equipments I used are....
turntable....DENON DP-47F
CD recorder....Pioneer PDR-D5
phono equalizer...ONKYO PE-155
stereo graphic qualizer....Technics SH-8075
sazanami......scratch noise remover(PC software)
sound engine .....PC software to change the sound quality of WAVE files.

6th ,August,B.C. 5001(remixed mp3 version)


Fumanzoku (1974,Japan,folk,HR,psych)

Fumanzoku (1974,Japan,folk,HR,psych)

不満族 『不満足』(1974) Fumanzoku "fumanzoku"

Legendary Japanese folk,HR,psych album.

Band's name.......不満族 .....Discontent People
Album title .......『不満足』 .....Unsatisfaction

Side Folk
1.鳥のロマンティック・バラード 4:03
tori no romantic ballade .... Birds' Romantic Ballade
2.夜が明ける 4:04
yo ga akeru .....the new day breaks
3.風にふるえて 3:45
kaze ni furuete .....shivering against the wind
4.何処までも 何処までも 2:50
doko mademo doko mademo ....endless ,endless
5.悲しみの果てに 7:38
kanasimi no hate ni ...at the end of the sorrow

Side Rock
1.私生児 Rock 3:45
shiseiji Rock ....Rock of child born outside of marriage
2.風化一族 4:17
fuuka ichizoku ... weathered people
3.六月のユートピア 5:59
rokugatu no utopia....Utopia in June
4.消えゆくままに 流るるままに 8:39
kieyuku mama ni nagaruru mama ni.....dissappearing,floating
5.俺の涙は 1:40
ore no namida ha .....My tears are

大前幸夫 Yukio Ohmae eb,vo
新田弘三 Kohzoh Nitta eg
丸山ルミ Rumi Maruyama (female) ep
内海謙次 Kenji Utsumi fg,eg,chorus
新谷弘充 hiromitsu Shintani ds
沼津宏哉 Hiroya Numazu eg,

ripped from original LP.

Equipments I used are....
turntable....DENON DP-47F
CD recorder....Pioneer PDR-D5
phono equalizer...ONKYO PE-155
stereo graphic qualizer....Technics SH-8075
sazanami......scratch noise remover(PC software)
sound engine .....PC software to change the sound quality of WAVE files.

kanashimi no hate ni (mixed mp3 version)

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Olive - "Olive" {Japan} [1976]


. 大塚敬子 Keiko Ohtsuka (vocals)
. 中野渡 正光 Masamitsu Nakanowatari (guitar)
. 石嶋利和 Toshikazu Ishijima (guitar)
. 萩野 潔 kiyoshi Hagono (bass)
. 川村一森 Kazumori Kawamura (drums)
. 宮澤 謙 Ken Miyazawa (keyboards)

side A
1.ピエロ pierrot
2.伝説 densetsu....means legend
3.黒の魅惑 kuro no miwaku...means enchanted black
4.時は風のように toki ha kaze no youni ....means time passes like the wind
side B
1.魔奏曲 masoukyoku....meaans music played by the devil
2.オリーブ olive
3.遺書 isho... means testament
4.蜃気楼 shinkirou...means mirage


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