Thursday, August 31, 2006

Guruh Gipsy – "Guruh Gipsy'" {Indonesia} [1977] @192 (psych prog rock)

Hi folks! This time we are in Indonesia with one of the greatest asian progressive rock is a review i found:
"Guruh Gipsy ,Maybe many progressive rock freaks still are searching the amazing indonesian prog band. They released only one album named "Guruh Gipsy" on 1977 and many of the member still makes the music activity in Indonesia
This band was organized with the above members and the some additional members such as female back vocal and Gamlan player. Their casset tape was sold with the booklet(about 30pages).The purpose was the introduction of the Balinese music . The idea was origined by Guruh Soekarno. Their sound was mixture between the traditinal Balinese music and the progressive rock featuring some keyboards. Especially, "Indonesian Mahamaddeka",the first song of the Album ,is very amazing .the first part is the typical progressive rock sound like Elp. The second part is the very orginal sound which mixed progressive rock by mini moog with the Balinese music by Gamlan . After that ,the last part is also magnificent sound like the Italian prog. I must say again this album is master piece of asian progressive rock." Keep Listening!!

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Indonesian Mahamaddeka..

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Vasant Rai – "Spring Flowers'" {India} [1976] @192 (excellent oriental fusion)

sa-was-dee-krab! :) Today we put an end to our musical journey in India. A few days ago i find a better rip to share this is a copy/paste from a review in Listening to this album you get the rare opportunity to hear the greatest Indian musician Pandit Vasant Rai. Vasant Rai along with Allaudin Khan (Vasant was the last diciple of Allaudin) was definately the greatest sarode player to live.
Vasant Rai passed away in his early forties hence we dont have many recordings whereas Ali Akbar is in his eighties and is still recording, has many more recordings. Vasant rai spent most of his life in the Greenwich Village area of New York City in the late sixties throughout the seventies to the early eighties. He passed on on March 8 1985.
Yehudi Menunin,Collin Walcot,George Harrison,Herbie Mann,and Ravi Shankar are avid listners of Vasant Rai.
(you know how rare i use "excellent" word in the title..yes its excellent for me..maybe for you too) Keep Listening!!

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Spring Wind..
Smile of Goddess. ..

Canamii – "Concept" {South Africa} [1977] @256 (Prog Rock)

it says somewhere: wonderful symphonic rock rarity with female vocals and loads of keys..think of 80's alternative rock add an irish style singing lady multiply with good melodies..its more than that.. unfortunetely no good review around for the band.very welcome to share knowledge/information in comments..
keep listening!

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Phantom Players..

Mago De Oz - "La Leyenda De La Mancha" {Spain} [1997] @192 (prog folk rock/metal)

MAGO DE OZ was founded in Madrid during 1989 by the drummer Txus, who recruited all other members until reach the first line-up, who lasted until 1995: Txus (drums), Mohamed (violin), Carlitos (guitar), Chema (guitar), Salva (bass) and Juanma (vocals). Then, Chema, Salva and Juanma left the band, being replace by Frank, Sergio and José, and these were the only changes since then. Combining in an unique way heavy metal, celt, folk and read more here (most of the time i send albums that i listened for a long period..i meet the name -mago de oz- newly..i love their style of playing.. thanks to my friend isabel for her recomendation..whatever you like to listen, i think you like this band too)

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Molinos De Viento..

Fermata – "Piesen Z Hol'" {Slovakia} [1976] @320 (Prog Rock)

What an underrated band!. If you like your jazz rock fusion with prog overtones and excellent musicianship than this is for you. In the same vein as late Missus Beastly, Release Music Orchestra and maybe even a bit of Brand X and Coloseum II. But Fermata deserves more recognition because even when you fell all these influences what comes out is quite theirs. Their second is also great! Looking foward to hearing their 3rd called 'Huascaran' which everybody says is their best. Highly recommended if any of the bands mentioned tickle your fancy. (reviewed by mhiraldo)
Keep Listening!!

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Piesen Z Hol'..

Delired Cameleon Family - "Delired Cameleon Family " {FRA} [1974] @160 (Spaced-Out Tour de Force)


I'm really excited to post this album, i discovered this album a little time ago and I can't imagine why i haven't met before. It's like hearing Legendary Pink Dots in 1974, truly amazing.

Jerry Kranitz described this album:

"In 1975 Cyrille Verdeaux composed and recorded the musical score to the film Visa De Censure # X by directory Pierre Clementi, and the soundtrack album was released by EMI Records as Delired Cameleon Family. (In an earlier interview Verdeaux described the film as "an Andy Warhol type of weird movie".) The album a lineup of over a dozen musicians, among them Boulé, Blake, and bassist Joël Dugrenot (Zao). I'm unfamiliar with the others but a quote from Verdeaux in the liner notes helps to explain not only the expanded number of musicians but the resulting music as well:

"The record was done in 4 days of improvisation and spontaneous happenings, because the studio was packed with musicians mainly loaded with Hashish and LSD. Most of them were not invited but spontaneously went to the studio because they had heard the street Tam-tam say that a very unusual and free-based jam session was happening in Pathe Marconi's studios".

Psychedelia is the order of the day as the album begins with "Raganesh", which includes Eastern tabla percussion, droning sitar sounds, and trippy dual guitar leads that jam in a freeform paisley colored stew. Space synths soar about like a meteor shower, raining cosmic chaos on the ensemble. On "Weird Ceremony", Verdeaux's piano leads with a slow melody as the space synths spread ocean waves across the backdrop and howling choral vocals lend an eerie feel to the atmosphere. "La Fin Du Début" is an odd track. It's basically a duet of Verdeaux on piano and a female vocalist singing a folk-like tune. But the space synths are apparent in the background so as not to lose the cosmic element that's been built on the prior tracks.

But the strongest music is yet to come. "Le Boeuf" is a psychedelic fusion jam, somewhat reminiscent of the 2nd Movement on Clearlight Symphony. Piano and drums set the pace as guitar and sax trade licks. And the later part of the track gives strong impressions of Soft Machine. "Novavanna" is even more fusion á la Soft Machine, but more on the trippy side. The guitar solos along setting a nice groove against which the full band slowly starts to build in volume and intensity. The song is 13 minutes in length but is essentially two tracks as the first clearly comes to an end after 5 minutes. The next segment is still firmly in jazz territory but aggressive drumming and a pounding bass on this part give the music a heavier edge and a more solid groove that expands nicely on the first section of the song. The feel is even more freeform as Verdeaux's piano becomes quite manic and the synths are equally so, though giving a playful Sun Ra feel to the music. For the last couple minutes a gruff but soulful male vocalist demands tea and tequila. "Ananta" winds up the set, bearing strong similarities to a potent Gong space jam, but includes traces of Magma bass-heavy intensity.

For a recording of 'improvisation and spontaneous happenings' that included uninvited musicians these last three tracks in particular are remarkably inspired. Together with Clearlight Symphony, Delired Cameleon Family provides varied insights into Cyrille Verdeaux's world, a world which calls for further investigation into music that is sure to please a variety of fans of early 70's progressive rock, fusion, and psychedelia."

I would like to know your opinions, go ahead... is DCF better than the regular Clearlight Records, or is just a Verdeaux sideproject with no truly importance?

Keep Listening!

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Delired Cameleon Family-Raganesh

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Les Menestriers - "Domino" {FRA} [1973] @224 (Medieval Trubadours Delight)

This is not Prog Rock, not even Rock. Then ¿why I post such an Item?, simply... because it's such beautiful music I want to share with you, my friends!

Les Menestriers it's simply a medieval music ensemble, perhaps the only thing I notice diferent is that LM usually achieve to create Large suites compose of Tiny pieces (Usually dating XIV to XVI centuries),

If you are a folk enthusiast you'll achieve to identify pieces that are regulars in artists such as John Renbourn, Stone Angel, Gryphon, Etc.

is Les Menestriers 3rd Album,

For my is a pleasure bring you this truly magical artifact, and I will be very pleased if the music inside Domino give you all the pleasure it has given me.

Enjoy, and...

Keep Listening

Les Menestriers- E Dame Folie
Les Menestriers- Mon Bien ma Joyeux

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Düş Sokağı Sakinleri - "Yaşadıkça" {Turkey} [1997] @320 (accoustic wyrd folk rock)

witaj swiecie! oto powrocilem! :) i saw them many times in their concerts. they are good. very melodic and dreamy. a colorful album..goes great with candles,incences and drinks..(sorry my scanner cover art on this..)

thanks to endewi for the artwork

Happy Listenings..Links in comments..

Düş Sokağı Sakinleri...

Amazing Blondel - Amazing Blondel & A Few Faces {England} [1970] @192 ( Extraordinary and Unique Medieval Rock, Maybe)

Mr hitmewithit asked for this one and as Amazing Blondel is one of our favorite secrets I decided to help him get this, their furst album.
In other words, anyone who likes Amazing Blondel is my friend.
They began as a duo, (and later became a trio) in the late 60's, doing an excentric re interpretation of the Middles Ages musical heritage of the British Islands.
Althogh they used instruments from Elizabethian times, they are considered a "rock" band, although I have never understood why.
Maybe the songs they play were too antique to be considered "folk", and the band looked (like Incredible String Band) too excentric and joyful to be considered an "Academical Middles Ages Music Ensemble"
So they ended not being classical, and not been exactly folk. As they happened to show up in the middle of the psychdelic explosion they were fairly well received as another weird act, and were also well swallowed by the acid drenched public of England. What they did was acoustical and delicate but playful and funny, so it was labeled as "rock".
This was Amazing Blondel's line -up and instrumentation:
John David Gladwin (lute, oboe, cittern, double bass), Terry Wincott (pipe organ, harmonium, cittern, recorders, flute, crumhorn, tabor pipe, ocarina, guitar), and Edward Baird (guitar, guitern, percussion).
As you can see they missed electricity by far.
The one we post here is Amazing Blondel first homonimous album and it was released in 1970 They got help from guitarrist Big Jim Sullivan in some tracks.
This was the begining of an interesting career that lasted until 1977 after half a dozen good albums. They achieved cult status although they were always an underrated band, specially out of England.
I still think that along with gentle Giant and Gryphon they form the Holy Trinity of Medieval Influenced Rock.
In 1997 they reunited briefly to make an excellent album titled Restoration.
Amazing Blondel is a great band wating to be rediscovered by enlightened people like you.
Enjoy and..

Keep Listening...!!!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Prog Not Frog Radio Presents: The Voice of The Moon #010, With The Herbalist (This Week We Celebrate Number 10! Back to Basics! Rock!)

Hey! Ten Shows Already! Yeah!, and I am very happy about it because more and more people is downloading the Voice of The Moon.

Thank You!

If you have any suggestion that you think will help to improve the show please leave us a comment and we'll ponder it.

This week we'll play rock. At least what we believe is rock, which of course will be far from the mainstream concept of Rock.

We'll start from the Post Industrial / Big Band dreams of Steroid Maximus, then we'll move to experimentalists like Drums & Tuba, psych & indy Warriors like Bevis Frond, peculiar and forgotten bands Like The Moles and of course a bunch of surprises that I do hope you all enjoy.

This 1oth Show is dedicated to the memory of Laura Casasola. May she play her piano for the Gods. They'll enjoy listening to her.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Hiroki Tamaki & S.M.T - "Time Paradox" {JAP} [1975] @320 (Prog Rock)

Hiroki Tamaki started very early as a musician as well as composer, some argue that his first compositions were written at 10.He dropped his possition as violin player at the Tokyo Symphony and in 1970 you can see him credited in Hiro Yanagida's "Milk Time" Album.

"Time Paradox", the album reviewed here, credited to H. Tamaki and S.M.T (Id on't know the meaning) range from progressive rock to symphonic oriented Vivaldi-like stuff, eastern drones , funky jazz rock with trippy electronics, etc. With the electric violin, leading all the tracks and the good use of Moog.

Some tracks are bit cheesy, but in overall the album deserves a truly good position in the classic Japanese prog scene.

Finally, many people Claims that Tamaki is the Japanese Jean Luc-Ponty... Listen and tell us your opinion!

Tamaki has also made a lot of music for films and television

Keep Listening

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H. Tamaki & S.M.T - Track 01 -

Cos – Viva Boma {Belgium} [1976] @256 (Excellent Avant-Prog Rock)

Nowadays, three decades after the zenith of progressive rock, and having been witnesses of its demise around 1979, we can consider ourselves able to reach several interesting conclusions. One of them is, of course, that prog rock itself was the smartest son of Mother Psychedelia, another conclusion (among many) is that the internationalization of progressive rock (a phenomena that started around 1971), lead to the development of certain characteristics that could be (in a very broad and loose sense of course) assigned to each country.

We could say for example that the birth of Zeuhl in France permeated many bands and created a solid movement which is avant-garde, and also very influential, but which is above all, very much French.

The same can be said about Kraut-rock. The quality here is "cold logic & brain", synth-driven intellectuality, techno-teutonic discipline. Very German.

And the Italians, are baroque, delicate and symphonic. And deliciously Italian.

The list could go on and on.

They are generalizations and of course as any generalization these could lead to many mistaken preconceptions. But they are also helpful hints for those of us who teach history of rock, to understand certain bands and movements.

So we need to reach to a definition of Belgian prog.

I believe that in Belgium things had two sides during the 80’s. One side was occupied by bands like Machiavel or Banzai (Recently posted in this blog) both under the influence of British Prog (Yes, Genesis , etc)

The other side was immersed in deeper avant-garde waters. Belgium was the home land of extraordinary bands like Univers Zero or Present, Godfathers of Chamber Rock, a Prog sub-genre close to classical avant-garde and sometimes with a sinister and somber quality.

In the Middle ground between both sides we find the exquisite Cos. A band whose leader, Daniel Schell, was an adept to occultism and Alchemy and thus was not afraid to experiment or even go cryptic when he felt it was needed to.

The other notable member of Cos, and probably the person responsible for Cos, peculiar personality was Pascale Son, singer and Oboe player whose style had influences of Flora Purim, Ursula Dudziek or Gayle Moran, that is, she used her voice as another instruments, improvising, making articulated sounds and explosive onomatopoeias, thus going well beyond the restrictions of the lyrics, specially in concerts, This made Cos a great band to see live.

Viva Boma is a very diverse album. It opens with the short, spacey and ahead of its time track named “Perhaps next record” which sounds like Ozric tentacles but twenty years before them.
Then it goes to the pseudo African (of Belgian-Congo rendition if you like) Viva Boma, which gives the name to the album.

After those two tongue-in-cheek short experiments the album enters the realm of Canterbury, jazz, odd instrumental passages, hard psych and other sound weavings that remind us of Hatfield and The North, Robert Wyatt, Henry Cow, Hawkwind and Floyd.

It contains a classic: L’idiot Leon. And a million great moments.

In a way, I think that Viva Boma is an album of draft notes. It has so many ideas, so many inventions that it is like a treasure for every experimental musician, because here a musician will find unfinished drawings, waiting to be perfected, developed, waiting to be born.

This edition comes with 4 extra tracks. One of them is truly marvelous.

In 1977 I fell in love with Pascale Son, but I never got to meet her so my love remained unspoken over the years. Perhaps next incarnation.

Keep Listening…!!!

Cos - Viva Boma...

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hot Thumbs O' Riley - Wicked Ivory {FIN} [1972] @128 (Frantic Prog Cabaret)


Let's Discover who is Hot Thumbs O'Reilly in the Finnish prog world and his Fantastic "Wicked Ivory Album", quoting "The Scourger":

"Definitely one of the weirdest albums in my collection. I am in fact quite sure that this would be one of the weirdest officially-released albums in any collection! This could never have been made by anyone other than the great British eccentric Jim Pembroke, vocalist and one of the songwriters in the classic Finnish prog rock band Wigwam. This is his first solo album, and he is backed by all of Wigwam, plus even some ex-members.

The album is made like it was recorded on some smoky nightclub, with different artists being introduced by the "kind of friend of the owner of the club". All of these bizarre artists are very different - taking the stage in turns, to play blues, humour, prog, pop, cheese, just plain weird stuff, and so on. At some point of the night something goes wrong, and… Well, you'll have to listen to it for yourself.

This is not an easy listen, as most of the songs are performed in a very weird manner. The obvious highlight is "Grass for Blades", that later became a classic staple in Wigwam's live set. There are some other "real" songs as well. The rest might be a bit too much to stomach forsome people, but it's always fun."

Fans and non Fans of Wigwam & Co. Enjoy.

Keep Listening!

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Hot Thumbs O'Riley-"Blades of Grass"

Radio Noisz Ensemble- "Yniverze" {GER} [1981] @192 (Prog-Folk Ethnic Fusion)

Hello people, first, I would like to thank all our readers for such enthuasiastic answers to Nahavanda's post.

With that band name, "Radio Noisz Ensemble" sounds, at first sight, like a droney noise industrial band, kinda Merzbow or Ruins, far from that, their only album"Yniverse" is in the same territory as Clivage, Third ear band, Aktuala or Between.

At a glance you might think how this guys with only one album, could sound so bright and mature... the answer lies in the fact that RNE arise from the ashes of "Emma Myldenberger" a marvelously folk act with 2 albums in his hand, a little more traditional, but equally impressive.

Yniverse is an Awesome Tour de Force ranging from the far echoes of the middle east through the ethnic forces of western europe. Accompanied by eastern string instruments and hypnotic percussion the Oboe clearly stands up as king of all the ensemble, so, if you are as myself, a lover of this magical instrument you'll be marvelously amazed.

By the Way, you will be pleased to know that legendary Guru-Guru Drummer Mani Nummeier is involved with all the percusseive sectyion of this album, another great reason for krautrockers to own such an artifact.

If you love the Radio Noisz Ensemble sound its worthly check out our Friend Blog Ezhevika Fields for Pre-RNE band "Emma Myldenberger" albums: Emma Myldenberger and Tour De trance

Well lads, sit on the nearest carpet, turn on the music, start to fly and, of course...

Keep Listening!

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Radio Noisz Ensemble- "double spring code 1-2"

Nord– "Nord" {JPN} [1981] @192 (Ultra Rare Electro-Psych Acid Mayhem)

Those into Merzbow, Acid Mothers and Les Rallizes Denudes, shouldn't miss this one!

This is an impossible to find record, the guy that gave it to me wrote this, is the only information I know about the album:

"Here's another obscure gem from my tape-trading days. Some of my favorite tapes sent to me were the ones I didn't ask for...I'd told my trading buddy Masaharu from Tokyo that I was a fan of "noise/electronics" and he knew I would like this album, which he borrowed from a friend and recorded to a high-quality Maxell XL II-S cassette for me.

I can't tell you much about the artists involved other than the LP was issued c.1980 in Japan on Pinacoteca Records. The only other NORD material I've heard is a track from the "Come Again II" compilation.

I would appreciate it if you could direct me to more NORD music...this album, for me, is a true underground classic, somewhere between Kluster and Throbbing Gristle. So injest whatever substances make life bearable in your neighborhood, turn the volume all the way up, and be flattened by the psychedelic sounds of the first NORD album!!!

Ripped from a first-generation analog cassette at 192kbps by Alan C. on 3 September, 2004."

Many Thanks Alan!

Well lads, in this case...

Keep Listening (if you can :))

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Hunters & Collectors - Hunters & Collectors [1981] @224 (primal Australian rock)

Primal, hypnotic, thundering, original, progressive.

All the above describe the debut album for this great band. There is, I can assure you, no one that sounds like the "Hunters".

They appeared in the wake of punk, when bands took the idea of smashing the droll rock song structure of the late '70's and tried to come up with something new. Many failed, but the Hunters succeded, and did so in grand style.

This is a favourite of mine and the beginning of a series of stunning albums and 12" ep's. They went on to become somewhat of an institution before disbanding in 1998. In doing so they left a fine body of work, with a few blistering live albums and videos tossed in.

The sample, "Talking To A Stranger" is a prime example of their sound, aggressive vocals, an incredibly distinctive bassist, perfectly suited to this music, and the harsh, industrial guitar of songwriter and vocalist, Mark Seymour.

The band also had a brass section, and you can hear in the sample that they were no ordinary brass section, trombone, trumpet and french horn, all playing a very different role.

I must add that the low budget clip that accompanied the original release remains, in my veiw , as one of the best film clips ever made, it enhanced the tribal quality of the song.


Talking To A Stranger

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Monday, August 21, 2006

Banzai - Hora Nata {Belgium} [1974] @256 (prog rock)

Hello good ears! today i am very happy..when reading the e-mails,..i noticed one of our friend wanted to share a great belgian band with prognotfroggers :) this band is one of my favorite band from belgian scene..thanks a lot for this e.c. you know what kind of a copy/paster i am :) so i copy/paste the mail here with pleasure:

i'd like to give you a nice 70's Belgian symphonic prog album, Hora Nata by Banzaï. Think instrumental Genesis/Yes/Focus ... it's a rip from the original vinyl 33rpm, sorry no cover yet (scanner's too small) but small preview inside each mp3 - some info in txt-file
I know there exist cd-re-releases with lots of bonustracks, but I can assure you that those extra tracks have nothing in common with Hora Nata! They are from a few years later and are much more pop-oriented, not that adventurous ...

feel free to share the files ... or not

Banzai was along with Machiavel one of the symphonic progressive rock
bands to come from Belgium in the 70's. Their only album consisted of
complex 70's symphonic progressive rock as typical and traditional as it
possibly can get. Main influences were clearly Yes, Genesis, Focus and
some Gentle Giant. Three of the five tracks are pure instrumentals,
while "Try" and "Three Magicians" features vocals. Especially "Try" has
some convincing Yes-like vocal-harmonies. Personally I feel that
"Obelisk" and "Hattrick" are the best tracks. Both have a great degree of
complexity, and the melodic guitar-playing reminds a lot of Jan Akkerman.
But the whole band sounded like accomplished musicians. A few passages
also include some orchestration. "Hora Nata" is derivative and not very
original in any way, but it's still quite solid stuff if you can't get
enough of that classic 70's symphonic progressive rock sound.

Three Magicians..

Links in comments..Keep Listening!!


You know these blogs are home for all of us..but it is a pity we can only meet in comments and e-mails..Some of friends request albums..some of friends ready to share their experiences on music..well we try to send requests but we dont have we are thinking to create an area to share our experiences, requests,discussions,concert dates,events.. it will be great, to be all together..and collective work with other blog owners..

think of it: it may be very hard for us (you counted) to find an album from Japan 70's but a Japanese friend can find album and share it in great quality..we may not keep track of good music from Argentina..but a friend from Argentina can inform us..Maybe a great concert will be in Egypt but no-one knows..A friend from Egypt can give us the best information.....

Maybe a chat program? maybe a group like yahoogroups? maybe a forum? Let we all together give it a shape :) we are sure it will be great to be more interactive!

We are waiting comments of you and our blogger friends
to give it a shape.


Sunday, August 20, 2006

Ausgang “Electric Arc” {UK} [1999] @ 224 kbps – (Amazing Post-Industrial, Electronic KrautRock)

Ausgang... what can I say? Krautrock band from the 90’s…? Perhaps quote the Influence of Can, Neu! or Kraftwerk…?.Well mates, I know that you, as myself, are getting bored with that things, enough already. But this band truly deserves to be compared with our old faves, I mean, in a good way: it’s not just a resemblance or even a copy of our beloved repetitive hypnotic litanies, it’s a clever usage of that elements creating a truly landmark in new krautrock.

In this work you got the real deal: tape manipulations, sonic loops, for me it’s a Journey through the Krautrock itself, an A through Z of the genre in all its glory, combining all that classic elements with a totally new way of make electronic music.

Quoting Keith Henderson: (Ausgang’s )“'Electric Arc' kicks off with 90 seconds of f/X and ambient swells, and then charges right into the pseudo-industrial krautrock of "The Highs and Lows," a full eight minutes of strange and wonderful sounds and ideas. "E.I.G." explores even more territory; rarely sitting still for more than a minute... it features a 'funky groove' section, a Police-like reggae phase, an ambient break, and more grooving to end up. Martyn Barker's drumming here (and everywhere) is excellent...displaying finesse, dynamics, and the right amount of 'busy-ness' throughout. The two biggest highlights are the 10-minute "Speak to Me" (?) and the finale "Tunnel Vision." Drumming by Jaki, bassline by...say, Mike Howlett. These two are on a par with some of the best stuff Circle has been doing lately. Sonic swirl and gliss bliss...that's what it's all about baby. "Speak to Me" takes a good four minutes to build up into something substantial, but the payoff is well worth the wait. "Tunnel Vision" is of the fully-fledged kraut romp variety, again peaking out about four minutes into the piece during a stellar jam with Mark Bandola pulling double duty on the old Juno 60 synth and a Lesley Guitar. Given the level of f/X used on this album, I hesitate to suggest I could tell one from the other.”

Well my lads, enough for me, I’ll recommend you to give it a try, and, of course, I’ll be grateful as always with your comments, ok?

Enjoy! and please…

Keep Listening!

Links in comments

Ausgang-Speak to me

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Prog Not Frog Radio Presents: The Voice of The Moon #009, With The Herbalist (This Week We Go to India)

This week we'll make another imaginary journey, this time to the east. We'll be listening to contemporary music, but under the influence of the thousands years old music tradition of India.

We'll experienced the mysteries and enigmas of one of the oldest musical heritages of human civilization and we'll see what happens when this tradition blends with our modern musical ideas.

Hindu Music is still developing in front of our eyes, nowadays interacting, influencing and being influenced by genres like Jazz, Rock, Electronic and
other folk expressions like Celtic, for example.

In this journey we'll learn about the experiments done by the french composer Thierry Zaboitzeff, the devotional songs beautifully sung by Ilan Chester, the virtuoso sitar playing of the Spanish Luis Paniagua and of course, a rendition to the man that has done most to give us the music from India: Ravi Shankar.

It will be another eclectic mix, seasoned with the modern touch of experimentalism.

I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed doing it for you.

Keep Listening...!!!

Go here to get The Voice of The Moon # 009

Friday, August 18, 2006

Ilous & Decuyper “Ilous & Decuyper” {FRA} [1971] @ 160 & 256kbps – (Creative and Unpretentious Hippie Folk)

If you like French 60’s and 70’s music, probably you have noticed that at least 15% of the bands were Folk acts, to be more specific “celtic” folk acts: where Malicorne & Alan Stivell were the “kings” surrounded, among others, by Gwendal, La Bamboche, La Chifonie, Souderline, etc. The rest of the folk acts, looked for its influences not in the dim woods of Normandy, but in the hippie North American folk, with truly impressive results.

Bands like Tangerine (with Valérie Blesh), Mormos (an american-french band ) or the Duo that we reviewed today, seems to be a minority among the rest, but believe me, the achievements are GREAT!

Primarily, Ilous & Decuyper could be described as a French answer to CS&N, but for me that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Their arrangements were more intrincated, meticulously crafted and full of experiments, also they vocal harmonies were very close to the craftsmanship of Brian Wilson.

Dag Erik Asbjorsen points that: “Tracks such as “Vous Mourrez Demain”, “Berceuse” and “Mélancolie” have something in common with the pastoral, lazy atmosphere of the short songs on Pink Floyd’s More and Atom Heart Mother or Mc Cartney’s Ram. “Beurk!” is almost a cross between “Honky Tonk Woman” and “Drive my Car”. A Norwegian nursery rhyme (sung by a female from the Oslo-area, if you need to know!) appeared from some reason at the beginning of “Cor Bucolique”, before giving way to a slow instrumental for French horn (an instrument frequently used by Martin Circus), acoustic guitar and bird song. Throughout there is creative use of studio effects (strange echoes, warbled Leslie sounds and double-tracking). Most important of all, the Songwriting is on par with several major artists.”

With nothing more to add, I just want to let you know another great reason for own an album like this one: They made an AWESOME cover of Eleanor Rigby, ¿need to say more?

Keep Listening!

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Ilous & Decuyper-Eleanor Rigby

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Passport – Cross-collateral {Germany} [1975] @256 (Progressive Fusion Masterpiece)

Even if you hate fusion you must listen to this album.

What I dislike about many jazz-rock albums is the excesses of performing pyrotechnics. Is this extreme focus on virtuosism that makes many of them so boring.

Many fusion artists fall deep into the self indulgent habit of trying to show how fast and clean and perfect they can play their instruments losing in the process, unfortunately, the essentials emotions which are lost in complex scales, super-fast guitar riffs, baroque and ultra dense drums over-working. There was a point in which many fusion or jazz-rock acts became a competition to display playing abilities, and that competition has always left me empty, with an annoying feeling of having been deceived somehow. It is bad because the final thought is: “If they play so well, clean and fast why do they play this crap without a feeling?” .

They are the athletes of music.

I believe that the reason lies in the fact that Fusion is a genre for musicians. The problem arises when the musicians forget themselves and the public and start to perform for the sakes of each other egos. What you get at the end is sonic boredom.

Of Course I am not saying that a majority of fusion bands have this problem. The bad thing is that many of the so called “fusion Supestars” do have it. That’s why I take fusion very carefully and I still think that bands like Brand X, Mahavishnu Orchestra or Weather Report do not have any match today among the fusion artists. They said everything that had to be said about jazz-rock. Period. I am not even in the mood to discuss it.

We present today a marvellous example of the opposite to that negative side of Fusion. Among the great jazz-rock bands of the 70’s we find Passport. The brainchild of Mr Klaus Doldinger, extraordinary Sax player, Passport marked somehow the brith of Kraut-Jazz.
Influenced by the electronic scene of Berlin, Doldinger combined his uncanny skills asd a player with the elements of the uprising rock scene, bringimng together one of the best bands Europa have ever seen for this album. Please pay special attention to the superb and unfoirgettable job that Mr Curt Cress did with his drum set for this album. I haven’t heard many drummers like him, and certainly I haven’t heard more than 5 albums where I enjoy the drums so much.
Also remarkable is the job done by Wolfgang Schmid on bass (following Cress’ buoyant drumming must have been hard) and Kristian Shultze exact and never overwhelming keyboarding.
Doldinger of course deserves more than a few words. He is like a mix between Jan garbarek and Wayne Shorter, but at the same time he follows a path of his own which is more playful than Garbarek phlegmatic style but less intrusive and obsessive than Shorter. (Nonetheless they are both magnificent players).

Doldinger delivers in this album a flow of gentle sounds that evoke flight, ocean waves and open spaces full possibilities for the interweaving of the instruments.

It is jazz with heart and soul. But as anything that was produced in Germany in the 70’s it is also jazz with a brain. The use of Moog and other electronic devices add the psychedelic and mercurial Kraut touch to this great album.

I totally recommend it.

Keep Listening…!!!

Links You-Know-Where.

Passport - Jadoo ...

Tharsin Hri – Tharsin Hri {Greece} [1974] @256 (folk rock)

before posting here..this title travelled all around the world.first, one of my friend cassandra w., from korea send me a song (mera vroxeri) from a various artists comp. then i started keeping track of tharsin day kymatothraysths/greece send me a nudge via msn..he had found the album then isabel from brasil send me helpful information..opa-loka and tao(gr) helped me to tag was a very collective work :) and it worths having & listening this album. "I balanda tis jeraldin" & "Mera Vroxeri" my favourite is the copy/paste: THARSIN HRI means "Needing courage". Back in 1973, that was the name of a quartet of veteran 60's musicians, born in a suburb of Athens, Greece. That same year, THARSIN HRI was one of the groups that participated in the -legendary and very collectable, nowadays- compilation "Pop Festival '73", released by greek Columbia. A year later, the group entered the studio and recorded an album-worth material, for a planned album. This never materialized and now it takes its first official release by ANAZITISI RECORDS, without any additions or corrections. Exactly 30 years later. It contains 10 self-penned tracks and somebody could classify it in the electric folk-rock genre. At the same time hard-rock tinges and soft-psycho elements are still there while some great melodies makes a second listening to be a necessity. All lyrics are in greek. In any way it presents the 70's greek rock scene in all its glory. It's the time for all to see that except "SOCRATES DRUNK THE CONIUM", "POLL", PELOMA BOKIU", "IRAKLIS" & "4 LEVELS OF EXISTENCE", Greece had some more bands which had not the opportunity to present their music (because of various circumstances) back in the early 70' more here one of my favorite..

thanks to Cassandra W./Korea , Isabelbc/Brasil , Kymatothraysths/Greece, Opa-Loka/Greece , Tao/Greece , Purple Man/Brasil

(ps: you may have a look our friends site for more greek titles from 70's and all over the world)

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I balanda tis Jeraldin..
Mera Vroxeri..

Arsenal – Arsenal I {Russia} [1977] @256 (prog rock)

progressive rock lovers shouldnt miss that are very welcome to share knowledge/info/experiences in comments..keep listening!

Links in comments...

The Lost Song..

Krzak – Niepokonani {Poland} [1980] @192 (blues rock)

i am lucky to fallow whats going on polish music scene..i have precious friends from this country..before posting this album..i couldnt decide which one i may send.. first i think to send early works of anawa than i decided to send osain..then i think of sending some great folk like bittova,vaclavek; kapela ze wsi warszawa..even i think to send wilczy pajak first lp :)) well a few days ago i went to a blues concert..for a long time i wanted to send a band from poland..and i selected some blues..there are 2 countries in europe that i addicted their blues denmark and poland..if you like shouldnt miss that blues album..
thanks to Supreme and Endewi for sharing musical experiences from polish scene..
(ps:endewi is a photographer..and one of her artwork may related to this site :) you may use that funny picture as a wallpaper..thanks to endewi for this :)

Keep Listening! Links in comments..


(ps2.. a tiny recomendation..well this album a bit new to post here..but you may buy/find it if you like.. kapela ze wsi warszawa - wykorzenienie(2004) mateusz.. )

Pappo's Blues – Volume 4 {Argentina} [1973] @192 (blues rock)

Volume 1..volume 2..volume 3...all discography of this band is aweseome..i dont know spanish well..but my spanish speaking friends says the lyrics are awesome..i can feel it too :) volume 4 is promising you to give taste hard/psych/blues/rock mixture.. (Thank you Lucie for this album)

(ps: volume 2 waits you in our friend site 6070Rock

Keep on Rockin! :) Links in comments...

Gato de la calle negra..
Abelardo el pollo..

Drugi Nacin – Drugi Nacin {Croatia} [1975] @192 (prog rock)

DRUGI NACIN (Eng. "Another Way") was formed in Zagreb (present Croatia) by members of the band called ZLATNI AKORDI. These included: Branko Pozgajec (vocals, keyboards, flute); Halil Mekic (guitar); Zeljko Mikulcic (bass) and Ismet Kurtovic (vocals, flute, guitar). This line-up released one single in 1973. The following year Boris Turina joined the band as drummer and lyricist and they changed their name to DRUGI NACIN, inspired by a poem of F. G. Lorca "In Another Way". In February 1975 they recorded the eponymous debut album. After being rejected by "Jugoton" and "Suzy" labels, PGP RTB finally agreed to release the album only because their executive liked, the then rare in ex-Yugoslavia, gatefold cover sleeve without even listening to the music! It appeared to be a very succesfull "concept" album and.. read more here

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Stari Grad..

Lagger Blues Machine – “Lagger Blues Machine” {BEL} [1972] @128 kbps (Insane Avant-Prog)

Hello Friends, since I can't write a better review of Lagger Blues Machine than the one written by Mr Dag Erik Asbjornsen on his Scented Gardens of the Mind book, i'll go here with the old cut and paste:

"Many experienced record collectors regard Lagger Blues Machine as the very best Belgian group from the early seventies. Listening to their eponymous album it's easy to understand why. LBM combined odd elements from Soft Machine, Moving Gelatine Plates, Frank Zappa, King Crimson, Magma and 20th century classical music to a very original and largely instrumental rock ensemble style.

This made them pioneers of the archetypical Belgian dark symphonic style that later evolved into groups such as Univers Zero and Present. LBM mainly used a powerful combination of electric/acoustic guitar, organ/electric piano and sax/flute playing very complex themes to a restless rhythmical backing. All tracks were written by the two keyboard players. The main piece was a "Symphony" in two parts."

What are yoy waiting?! go and grab!


Keep Listening!

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Lagger Blues Machine- Symphonia 1ere partie

What's on your Mind?

Probably nothing right now.

If so, why don't you go back in time with us and visit our archives?

I am sure that there are treasures hidden there for you. We started posting good music here several months ago, so you probably missed some great albums that you might like to check.

We invite you to check our vaults.

Maybe the record you have been looking for all your life is there.

Enjoy the trip and...

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Discolor – “Discolor” {GER} [1997] @192 kbps (Powerful Kraut-Raga Electronic Rain)


Ok, layers of guitars, distortionated voices, distant echo... in short, a very kraut psychy-trippy feeling, beautiful indeed. Undoubtedly that’s a tiny, yet accurate description for Discolor’s first album.

Perhaps some of the readers are familiar with bands such as Shiny Gnomes, Fit & Limo or Fim Froil, well, Discolor is also a part of this family. When Shiny Gnomes disbanded for first time in 1997, Limo decided to continue experimenting with the drone, folk and electronic, using Discolor as his new vehicle.

This Album is made to laid back and receive the drops of a fresh electronic folksy rain, if this sounds confusing just try to hear “wind comes” and you will be part of those who don’t consider me an idiot for write down things such as “a fresh electronic folksy rain”… songs like that make this album an impressive artifact… trust me.

You’ll go from the fragile (Primal shift) to the epic of (Sunflash) through the primeval (Thodol dub), constantly accompanied by waterfalls of melodic white noise and fragile effects.

But hey!!!, you don’t have to believe me, just hear the samples and if you like it… well, you know what to do.

Keep Listening!

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Discolor – Rays
Discolor - Wind comes

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Wishbone Ash - Fighters and Warriors London 1972 {UK} [1972] @256 (Excellent Bootleg) (Kindly Submitted by Blplus)

Hello My friends.

Wishbone Ash has always been a secret adiction. I must admit that they were never really a supergroup. They had tough competitors in the early 70's british scene and those compertitors got better recording deals and better production resources.

Think for example of the visuals on stage of bands like YES or EL &P. Wishbone Ash never got that kind of artistic or Surrealistic appeal.

On the other hand, due to the lack of a keyboard base, they never got to jump in the progressive train, so, they were left uncharted in the ocean between the hard rock and the prog rock continents, not really belonging to one or the other.

Nevertheless, Wishbone Ash got to retain a solid bunch of follower that supported them over the years. Most of us (yeah, include me in that bunch) got hooked after just one listen to Phoenix, one of the archetypes of the long psych sound flight and for sure one of the best songs that Mother Rock has ever given birth to.

But hey...! you don't need to believe me. Just lend an open ear of the live version of Phoenix contained in this bootleg we bring you today. It is really a flight.


These are the notes that Mr. blplus included when he send this album for posting.

Fighters and Warriors Bootleg
Tracks Total time: 55 min
Time Was
Blowin' Free
Throw Down The Sword
The King Will Come

Publisher: Oh Boy 1-9058, Luxembourg 1990
Source: Paris Theatre, London 25-May-1972

Line-up: Andy Powell, Steve Upton, Martin Turner and Ted Turner

Keep Listening...!!!

Get your ticket to a deep flight in the comments section.

Thanks to Blplus for this one.

Wishbone Ash - The Warrior...

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Prog Not Frog Radio Presents: The Voice of the Moon # 008 With The Herbalist (One Million Dollars Webcast!!!)

Sorry for the delay.

Although I usually post the The Voice of The Moon every Saturday, I have had some complications. So it is today, Sunday, when I finally posted it.

This week's travel starts in Canada with Shalabi Effect a band that belongs to that enigmatic realm that some critics call Post Psych.

Later on we'll jump to Nothern Europe to listen to old bands like Min Bul, a 70's quartet from Norway, and Midaircondo, an all female electronic and visual arts project from Sweden, that orbits around sound deconstruction/reconstruction.

From Italy we'll meet Per Grazie Ricevuta a side project of the art rock collective Consorzio Suonatori Independenti.

We'll also listen, among several other surprises, to a nice Peter Hammill cover.

We'll remember Ian Dury, a quasi forgotten artist from the 80's. And we´ll be exposed to many other sounds that I am sure that will please your ears.

Enjoy, my friends, this is done for you.

And as usual...

Keep Listening...!!!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Mozzarella – In Vitro {Ecuador} [1972] @192 (prog rock)

Ciao! wanna listen some rare great progressive band? this one is for you then..i found a spanish review for the band i try to translate it later (hehe you know how my english is bad..spanish? nevermind)..friends at home buggin me to observe meteor show (my department at uni is astronomy :)) you know when observing them people use to make some wishes..i think this traditional thing traditional for all over the there will be a lot to observe..make your wishes ready :=) and try to watch this natural magic is a light info for perseid meteors: link have a nice & easy day.. adios for now

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Blackfoot – The Foot Steps {Zambia} [197?] @192 (afro rock)

former Blackfoot band member Alfred Yabe has started a music academy in Ndola where he will be teaching guitar and organ.
Yabe who was a founder member of popular Blackfoot band of the 1970s said in Ndola that he has started an academy known as Ge-Al-Ya music academy where guitar and organ would be taught. Apart from guitar and organ lessons, Yabe said the potential musicians would also be given lessons on how to record. All those who want to learn playing guitar and piano can get in touch with me at CH 780, Chifubu township in Ndola. I want to teach meaningful music to the upcoming musicians, said Yabe who is one of the surviving members of the Blackfoot band which was run by Ndola Music Parlour in the 70s when live band music took the country by the storm. (review by: Potipher Tembo) this rare album is one of my favorite. keep listenin :)

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Pumpa Joe...

Sexteto Electronico Moderno – Sounds From The Elegant World {Uruguay} [1970s] @192 (funky jazz rock)

rock must be a holy word in uruguay. 70's uruguay rock scene is awesome with great titles. for this time, i select an easy listening funky album (maybe listening of Je T'aime, Moi Non Plus jane birkin ver. yesterday remind me to post this one today :) ) here is a tiny review: Bringing together an array of styles from Brazilian bossa and Latin jazz to pop and instrumental soul, Uruguayans the Sexteto use Hammond organs and vibes backed by guitar based rhythms, electric bass, and Spanish flavoured horns on this collection of instrumentals drawn from their first 4 albums.keep listening!
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Comin' Home Baby.....
Je T'aime, Moi Non Plus..

Shanti – Shanti {USA} [1971] @256 (indian flavoured hippie folk prog rock)

somewhere it says: Indian flavoured hippie folk/rock in the mood of Grateful Dead or Crosby,Stills & Nash...adding instruments such as sarod,dholak and tablas to their regular guitar/bass/drums line-up Sahnti created an exotic and rootsy aura music never mind the spiritual lyrics...a masterpiece for me..keep listening!

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We want to be free..

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Gwendal – 4 (Les Mouettes Se Battent) {France} [1979] @192 (prog rock)

Filoi mou ap`olo ton kosmo sas xairetw! :) so you like folk? so you like celtic? so you like rock? so you like reggea? so you like jazz? so you like..... put them all together.well this album has it all and more.gwendal one of the oldest band of france that implement breton folk scales to rock form magical flute, awesome violin solos.. different kind of rhythm forms..this album perfect for everyone.. happy listenings!

links in comments..

Les Mouettes Se Battent...
My Loves Is A Band Boy......

Tractor – “Tractor” {UK} [1972] @320 kbps ;The way we live –“A candle for Judith” {UK} [1971] @192 kbps (British Space, Hard Rock & Folk)

This is the Third time i try to post this entry, seems to be problems in Blogger Database, sorry.

Well Guys, this week had been difficult to post (A HUGE AMOUNT OF WORK), so the review from Tractor and The Way we live will be taken directly from

"Perhaps the original D.I.Y. project, recorded in John Peel’s "Dandelion Studios", which was nothing more than an upstairs bedroom in a London flat of the producer’s parents! Lauded by critics at the time of release, and even today, Tractor will always be a "cult status" group as was its predecessor The Way We Live.

Tractor were just a duo, Jim Milne on guitar / vocals and Steve Clayton on drums and percussion (with occasional flute and piano). With such sparse instrumentation, one would expect a delicate singer songwriter album. Quite the contrary as Tractor create an amazing racket, mainly due to Milne’s massively intense fuzz guitar layered over his overdubbed acoustic guitar strumming and bass lines. Meanwhile Clayton drums up a storm especially with the hand percussion at his disposal. Tumultuous! Not to shortchange the songs - as they’re right out of the English factory of quaint melodies and dreamy vocals.

Contrast and dynamics are what separate Tractor from their contemporaries of the day. A couple of years later, a US band from Cleveland would nearly duplicate the power duo that Tractor pioneered. They too were left for the "cult status" trash heap. That would be Atlantis Philharmonic."

Ok Guys for more Info you could go here to Julian Cope's extensive Review on Tractor and the Way we Live.

Keep Listening!

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The way we live-"Willow"
Tractor- "Shubunkin"

Farewell To The Frog (by BlackwatchPlaid)

Well, sad to say that your old buddy BlackwatchPlaid is going to part ways with the frog.... It seems the blog has gone off in a direction that I just do not feel part of anymore. The other members are great guys, it is nothing personal, I just don't feel as I have much to contribute anymore. It's a bit disheartening actually, I have loved posting in the past, but this does not mean you will not see me anymore in the blogosphere... If any of you bloggers have liked what I have posted in the past, I encourage you to visit my new home at The Sky Moves Sideways ( I will be posting here regularly, jazz fusion, progressive rock (both old and new), instrumental virtuosos, the occaisonal avantgarde/rio posts. I hope to see you commenting there!

Farewell, and Keep Listening!!!!!!

get my 1 original tune "The Pusher" here

Sunday, August 06, 2006

ProgNotFrog Radio Presents: The Voice of The Moon #007 With The Herbalist (with this particular one we protest against war)


When I announced an anti-war show two days ago I didn't expect to receive some many comments:

Actually, we received three kinds of comments.

(1) Plain Stupid Fascist and/or Fanatic comments. They were rejected without any serious reading.

(2) Smart and well articulated comments, but inclined to one side of the conflict actually taking place in the Middle East. They were rejected after serious reading , they were thought about and we respect those who wrote them but we decided not to allow those to be shown in the blog. Thanks anyway for your opinions. By the way, we also believe that there's people pushing this war and taking advantage from the situation there... but before even starting to discuss that we raise our voice to stop violence.

(3) Nice neutral comments from people that understands that war must be stopped, and that also understands that previous to any discussion, consideration, accusation, etc the world needs violence in the middle east to stop. Those comments were published.

The announcement has been deleted because we now publish the show itself.

We'll be playing music rooted both arabic and hebrew traditions. From the Muslim-Rock of Dissidenten to the exatraordinary Klezmer influenced band called Beirut. From the Rabinic Chant inspired ambient of Wally Brill to the an arabic blues drenched song of Natacha Atlas. From the deep and emotive work of Black Ox Orkestar to the Tuareg Inspired experimental rock of Justin Adams.

All this and more.

Peace and...

Keep Listening...!!!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Haikara – Haikara {Finland} [1972] @256 (prog rock)

Hola amigos! this time we are going to finland.what an excellent band haikara is! here is the copy/paste: Their first excellent album is a combination of prog, Finnish folk, classical music and some additions of military marches! This is no joke as Harri Pystynen was playing one year in Lahti Military Brass Band. This specific marching rhythm you can especially hear in opening Köyhän Pojan Kerjäys [The Begging of The Poor Boy]. The most characteristic for Haikara is distinctive brass section that magnificently interplays with guitar and organ. Distinctive is also Lehtinen’s vocal. In pompous Luoja Kutsuu [Creator Calls] he sings together with guitar and organ. Distinctive is also Lehtinen’s vocal. In pompous Luoja Kutsuu [Creator Calls] he sings together with Lattunen making lofty atmosphere. My favourite is Yksi Maa -Yksi Kansa [One Country - One Nation] with light, delicate more here
Strongly advised..Keep Listenin ;)

Köyhän pojan kerjäys...

Links in comments soon..

Mavi Sakal – İki Yol {Turkey} [1997] @320 (prog rock)

this is one of my favourite band..i was a radio dj when that album relaised..recording company sent this album to radios for a demonstration (but not a demo) of their up comming album kan kokusu(1997). except one song the other 2 songs relaised in kan kokusu this album there are only 3 they did a new may download/listen their last album for free here

İki yol..

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Coyote Oldman – “In Beauty I Walk” {USA} [1997] @224 (native american flute)

In Native American mythology, Coyote Oldman is a trickster. It's also a long-lived duo that takes Native American flutes and sends them through prairie cathedrals on wings of digital reverb, delays, and harmonization. Michael Graham Allen makes the flutes and plays them along with Barry Stramp, who routes the flutes' windblown melodies through a maze of effects. Their music is born in the moment, reflecting and refracting through the many mirrored images of flutes that bounce back at them through the processing. In Beauty I Walk is a collection of their work from 1986 through 1995 and it's a perfect way to become immersed in the sound of this unusual group. It includes "Night Forest," a song that shows their Native American influences and ends up with "Compassion," featuring Japanese soprano Hui Cheng. They don't play Native American music, but their slow-motion melodies seem born from the American plains (review by: John Diliberto) Keep Listening!

Night Forest...

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Kirile Loo – “Saatus” {Estonia} [1994] @224 (experimental folk)

This is an extremely varied record featuring the Estonian vocalist Kirile Loo. Loo is firmly rooted in Estonian folk tradition and academically trained. The aboriginal Estonian "runic songs" known as regilaul go back three thousand years. Her songs range here from enchanting beauty to moving exhibitions of tragedy encapsulated in the same timelessness. These are transformations of the traditional melodies sung in the vernacular. Equally fascinating ethnic instrumentation is employed; the kannel (stringed instrument), roopill (a reed pipe related to the bagpipe), parmupill (Jew's harp), olepill (straw whistle) and lokk (wooden gong). Saatus is a unique treasure. (review by:Thomas Schulte, All Music Guide) Keep Listening!

Hakkame, mehed, minema..

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Friday, August 04, 2006

R.I.P Arthur Lee

Arthur Lee & Love - Gather Round..

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Il Balletto di Bronzo - Ys {Italy} [1972] @256 (Incredibly Intense Prog-Baroque Italian Opus)

Il Balletto di Bronzo,The Bronze Ballett, which we’ll call in this review IBdB, was one of the most talented and misunderstood Italian progressive bands of the early 70’s. Their short career started in 1970 with the release of “Sirio2222” a very good hard psych album mostly dominated by Lino Ajello’s hard edged guitar, performed under the spell of such great Anglo-Saxon musicians as Hendrix or Jeff Beck.

After a two years hiatus, IBdB reappeared in their home town (Naples) with a new line-up which included the virtuoso Gianni Leone, in my never so humble opinion, of the best keyboard players that ever recorded a progressive rock album.

With this re-freshened team, IBdB produced a totally different music which falls neatly inside the specifications of a “concept album”, that is, a musical suite in several parts around one story, idea, philosophy or myth.

In this case the chosen subject was the medieval legend of Ys, which tells the history of the homonymous city, located in the Douarnenez Bay, in Bretagne. The inhabitants of Ys had achieved such depths of decadence (under the spell of the beautiful and deranged Princess Dahut) that God himself hired Satan to destroy the dam that protected the city from the hungry waves. In the turbulence that followed, Ys was drowned along with its sinning dwellers forever and ever, although, they are supposed not to have died. Their watery city is not a tomb but kind of a exile purgatory, in which they will live until the End of Times or until they placate their hunger for twisted pleasures. The fact that they are alive down there ca be proven by listening carefully to the rumour of the bay. The traveler will hear the muffled cry of Ys cathedral’s bells. The bells mourn the fate of the
city inhabitants and beg for mercy and oblivion.

It is also said that Ys was the most beautiful city of earth. When Ys was flooded the Francs renamed the city of Lutetia as Par-Ys (Similar to Ys), nowadays called Paris.

Anyway, about the album, I must say that it reflects perfectly the somber and gloomy tone of the legend. The music opens with an eerie soprano chorus that seems to come form somewhere really deep, damp and dark. Soon the baroque keyboards enter to mark a frantic rhythm which is followed by the rock ensemble and a wicked guitar work over which the singer’s voice acts as a razor blade.

This doesn’t mean that Ys is a hard rock or corrosive album. It is what it was intended to be: the portrait of a fantastic city in all its dazzling glory and all its infected evil. Both contradictions interwoven in a fiercely progressive and very intense and ethereal musical canvas.

Please pay attention to the keyboards work. It combines brilliantly electricity (organ, moog) and renaissance flavor (celeste, spinetta). The result is amazing and mind boggling.

Ys is intricate as any heavy psych and as complex as any baroque fugue. It is also dizzying, upsetting, beautiful and frightening. As if Vivaldi was King Crimson keyboardist.

They tried to make an English version that was never completed.
IBdB reunited in the 2000’s for a few gigs which are abridged in the also recommended album Trys.

Baroque means perfectly shaped pearl. And a rare pearl this Ys.

Live the legend and…

Keep listening…!!!
The Links are sunk in the usual place

Il Balletto di Bronzo – Secondo Incontro…