Monday, November 10, 2008

hi friends of ProgNotFrog,

It's with an anxious and caring heart we announce that our dear friend
nahavanda will be away in next month, for some months, in army.

Well, we hope he can share knowledge and learn some
good things in these hard days.

we'll be here, keenly waiting your return.

take care

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Giant Step - "Kukuh Nan Teguh" {Indonesia} [1977]

01. Kukuh Nan Teguh (5:44)
02. Hampa (4:27)
03. Mekar (5:48)
04. Untaian Warna (3:48)
05. Dialog Tanya (4:04)
06. Manusia (4:57)
07. Yang T'lah Lalu (4:38)
08. Dialog Jawab (2:33)
09. Perih (4:13)
10. Alam Bebas (4:42)
11. Senandung Malam (3:04)

• Benny Soebardja (vocals, guitar) - middle right
• Adhy Sibolangit (bass) - back
• Haddy Arief (drums) - middle left
• Triawan (keyboards) - front
• Albert Warnerin (guitar) - middle

Where are they now (the facts) :
• Triawan Munaf - owner of one of the biggest advertising agency/mass communication in Indonesia, father-producer-manager of his own daughter Indonesian talented young singer, Sherrina.
• Albert Warnerin - running his own business.
• Haddy Arief - executive banker.
• Benny Soebardja - running his own furniture and interior design business.
• Adhy Sibolangit - unknown

03. Mekar
10. Alam Bebas

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Giant Step - "On The Move!" {Indonesia} [1976] (prog rock)

One of legendary Indonesian progressive rock acts of the 70's, their music showed influences of the greats of prog rock, but still managed to deliver originality. They started in early 70's, went through a series of line-up changes with the "keepers of the flame" being Benny Soebardja and Albert Warnerin, and managed to release several albums before finally breaking up in 1986. Their best prog albums (as recommended by Denny Sakrie of M97FM) are Giant On The Move (produced by Nova Record Bandung), Kukuh Nan Teguh (Nova Record Bandung), and Persada Tercinta (Irama Tara Record).

01. Farewell Today (6:52)
02. Giant On The Move (6:56)
03. Liar (5:52)
04. A Fortunate Paradise (4:45)
05. Allusion Way (5:09)
06. Decisions (7:16)
07. Waste Time (8:02)
08. So Long (4:53)
09. Air Pollution (8:04)

• Benny Soebardja (vocals, guitar)
• Adhy Sibolangit (bass)
• Haddy Arief (drums)
• Triawan (keyboards)
• Albert Warnerin (guitar)

02. Giant On The Move
04. A Fortunate Paradise

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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Moğollar - "Moğollar" {Turkey} [1976]

Extremely compelling work from the Turkish scene of the early 70s -- music that fuses rock and folk roots, and which makes heavy use of the Turkish baglama -- an instrument with strong sitar-like qualities! Most of the tunes here are instrumentals that lay the baglama solos out over heavier rhythms -- in a driving sound that's certainly got roots in folk, but which comes off with more of a rock-like intensity. There's a bit of fuzz on some of the instrumentation, but we can't tell for sure how much electricity was used by the band -- and although the English language notes on the CD do a great job of laying out the group's history and recordings, we wish they'd give a bit more specifics on that front! CD features a fair number of bonus tracks, including key recordings done by Mogollar in Paris -- and titles include "Ozum Kaldi", "Misket", "Behind The Dark", "Hicaz Mandira", "Yine Bir Gulnihal", "Senhaz Longa", "Hitchin", "Dag Ve Cocuk", and "Garip Coban". © 1996-2008, Dusty Groove America, Inc.


01 - Katip Arzulahim Yaz Yare Boyle
02 - Bahçelere Geldi Bahar
03 - Hicaz Mandira
04 - Uskudara Giderken
05 - Karsiki Yayla
06 - Yine Bir Gulnihal
07 - Sehnaz Longa
08 - Drama Koprüsü-Bolu Beyi
09 - Canakkale Içinde Aynali Carsi
10 - Misket
11 - Özum Kaldi
12 - Behind the dark
13 - Hali‡te gnesin batisi (1970) single version
14 - Hitchin
15 - Berkay oyun havasi
16 - Ternek
17 - Yalnizlgin acikli gldrs
18 - Dag ve ‡ocuk
19 - Garip ‡oban

08 - Drama Koprüsü
09 - Canakkale Içinde

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Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Flow - "Incubation" {Greece} (Space Rock) Exclusive!

The 'Flow' is a progressive/psychedelic/space rock band from Patras, Greece. They were formed in 2000 and since then, they have released one album called 'Incubation' (released in 2003) and have played many concerts in Greece. Their style revolves around 60's krautrock and progressive rock of the 70's. Some of their influences are Gong, Ashra Temple, Can, Agitation free, Van Der Graaf Generator and many more. Furthermore they blend traditional folk Greek melodies played by original traditional Greek instruments such as 'daouli' (a kind of drum) and the 'flute of Pana' (ancient Greek flute). They also love blending the old sound (vintage synths) with the modern one (laptop).

If you want to learn more about the band please visit their site at myspace:

01 Flow
02 Touch of Frost (Parts I & II)
03 Morning Bliss
04 Cancer
05 Emerald Sea
06 Watching the Sunset
07 Pissing in the Lake of Tears
08 Reflecting Love
09 Paradox
10 Mushroom's Dream
11 Spacestation 61
12 A Simple Day in Life

- Thanos Economopoulos (laptop, synths)
- Akis MBousias (guitar)
- Yiannis Stathopoulos (bass)
- Vaggelis Tsimblakis (drums)
- Thanasis Nikolakopoulos (vocals)
- Katerina Nikolakopoulou (backing vocals)

08 Reflecting Love
09 Paradox

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