Sunday, January 24, 2010

Magic Spell - "Is There Anywhere a Gas Station?" {Switzerland} [1980] kraut/progressive rock

after isabel's nice post from switzerland, let we continue from switzerland with another mysterious band, magic spell. unfortunately there is no information about the band other than the back cover, one german review i found at net indicates the sound is pretty much similar to eloy. i like the atmosphere and the psychedelic feel of the album. any informations welcome. a hidden treasure for cosmic kraut lovers. enjoy!

Is theRe aNyWheRe A...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sicher - "Sicher" {Switzerland} [1981]

Swiss ensemble roughly similar to countrymen Eloiteron, Flairck and Wurtemberg.

I could not find a review for this band, informations be welcome


Thanks to progman :o)

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Beausoleil Broussard - "Journal de Bord" {Canada} [1976-1980]

Beausoleil Broussard, is a group of acadian music formed in 1975, with members Isabelle Roy, Claude Fournier, Jean-Gabriel Comeau and Jacques Savoy.
In 1978 at Paris they won one prize about young french pop. In four years of activity Beausoleil Broussard recorded three albums. You can listen some of these beautiful works in this album.

Le reel de la Nouvelle-Écosse

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