Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Steve Hackett nonstop selection

Who is the best prog  guitarist all over the world ?
I think it is Steve Hackett .
Especially ,
From 1st solo album to 4th solo album are the best .(no question asked ! )
Hackett is active enough by making new albums and performing concert tours all over the world even now .
I also watched his concert several times before ,
Everytime ,he did GREAT performance for us ,and made us so excited .

This time ,I edited  Hackett songs nonstop (part 1 + part 2 ) for young generations.
Almost of the tracks are from his 1st to 4th solo albums .
By listening to them ,I hope more young generations will know his excellent prog tracks and guitar playing ,
and you will go to enjoy his live performance a lot when he visits your countries .

Absolutely ,Hackett is the best prog guitarist all over the world .

Many prog bands ask Hackett  to play in their albums and in their concerts even now.
It proves Hackett is still one of  the living great musicians to everyone .

One of the examples is the following album .(released on May 29 ,2017 )
Hackett plays 12 strings guitar on the track "The Hermit " in the album .
"The Hermit " was originally included in Hackett's 1st solo album "Voyage Of The Acolyte "(1975) ,The Watch version (2017) is quite different from the original version .
It has more powerful symphonic rock taste .
Worth to try The Watch version ,too .


Every Day (3-1)
The Show (4-9)
Narnia (2-1 )
Racing In A (2-3)
The Stepps (4-1)
Time To Ger Out (4-2)
The Air-Conditioned Nightmare (Cured -4)
Slogans (4-3)
Land Of A Thousand Autums (2-7)
Please Don't Touch  ( 2-8)
Spectral Mornings (3-8)
Clocks (3-4 )
A Tower Struck Down (1-3)

Kim (2-4)
Lost Time In Cordoba (3-6)
Tigermoth (3-7)
Jacuzzi (4-6)
Ace Of Wands (1-1)
Horizons (Bay Of Kings -9 )
Shadow Of The Hierophant (1-10 ,Extended Version )

Monday, May 29, 2017

Trem do Futuro (1995 ,symphonic rock ,Brazil )

all tracks

Some albums released by PRWW (Brazilian record company) has terrible poor recording quality .
This album is one of them ,so remastered and uploaded here .
This album is a really excellent symphonic rock album in Brazil.
We should listen to it better sound quality to praise the album's value once again.
If you want the original terrible poor file ,I will post it here again .Request ,please .

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Mizuki da Fantasia (Japan ,fantasy rock ,2017 )

"Mizuki da Fantasia" is a Japanese prog newcomer .
They will release their 1st album "In memory of fantasy " in late July .
The file I uploaded here includes some tracks from the album (not for sale CD ,promotion only )
Mizuki (1992 - ) started her career as a solo female singer in 2010 ,but formed this prog group to realize her dream in  2016 .