Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pondus - "Myronrnas Frammarsch" {Sweden} [1979]

A much sought after flat released on COOP (did not have to do with consumption, but accounts for Clinic Records?).
It regards the time typical Jazz-Rock/Fusion, nothing unusual, but occasionally delicious in style more Berit Necklace.
Want to know more about this group so do not ask me.
All I can say more about the band is that Andreas is from Argentina and the disc is recorded with the help of Björnbobandet. Translation of the original:

01 - Snöblind (4:10)
02 - Trippellogik (2:23)
03 - The Dawn (6:34)
04 - Kathabraks (4:27)
05 - Kjells PV -58 (1:57)
06 - Myrornas Frammarsch (4:13)
07 - Livets Låga (2:37)
08 - Huggkubben (3:18)
09 - Flumlåten (7:18)

- Andreas Vera Oritz - Keyboard, flute, percussion
- Cliff Sjursvens - Bass
- Ole Bäck - guitar, vocals, percussion
- Thomas Boberg - Drums, Percussion

03 - The Dawn
07 - Livets Låga
09 - Flumlåten

Thanks to PHSStudiosRJ for the info :)

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Friday, January 16, 2009

Eik - "Speglun" {Iceland} [1976]

One of the highest regarded symphonic bands from Iceland. Surprisingly, there is little information available about them.
The membership was consistent with Magnus Finnur Johannsson on flute and vocals, Thorsteinn Magnusson on guitar, mini moog and vocals, Petur Hjaltested on keyboards, Asgeir Oskarsson on drums, Haraldur Thorsteinsson on bass, percussion and vocals, and ryggvi Julius Hubner on guitar, percussion and vocals.
Their career started in 1971, and lasted till 1978. In that time they only managed to release two albums, 1976's "Spelgun" and 1977's "Hrislan Og Straumurinn"
They have a predominantly symphonic style, with elements of rock, blues, jazz, and even a bit of funk. Very much in the school of their '70's contemporaries, but infused with the essence of Iceland.
Their closest relative would probably be Finland's Wigwam. Other influences are the usual suspects, Yes, Camel, and some Kansas. H.T. Riekels (bhikkhu)

Track Listings
01. Stormy Monday
02. Memories
03. Funky Beat
04. Lullaby
05. Hugssin
06. Speglun

- Magnus Finnur Johannsson / vocals, flute
- Thorsteinn Magnusson / guitar, Mini Moog, vocals
- Petur Hjaltested / keyboards
- Asgeir Oskarsson / drums
- Haraldur Thorsteinsson / bass, percussion, vocals
- Tryggvi Julius Hubner / guitar, percussion, vocals

Releases information
LP Steinar Records EIK 001 (1976)

04. Lullaby.....
06. Speglun......

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Iskra "Jazz i Sverige - 75" [1975] (jazz, avantgard)

Not my cup of tea, but I know that many of you like swedish jazz so this is for you.
Very little known about this group released 5 albums and have their fingers in many of the avantgarde swedish jazz band.
I hope you will like it.


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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tømrerclaus - "En Spade Er En Spade" {Denmark} [1975]

Tømrerclaus (aka Claus Clement Pedersen) who moved to hippy town Christiania in 1975 and privately recorded an album in 1978. Stunning extended psychedelic bluesy workouts with Hendrix style fuzz guitar runs and most of the instruments played by Tomrerclaus himself. For fans of ultra-psychedelic guitar work.

01 - Whopshop (3:08)
02 - Piv Brazzo (2:52)
03 - Salme For Spar Dame (1:30)
04 - Lvesang/Powerplay (2:36)
05 - Vingen (2:16)
06 - Sinus (2:56)
07 - En Spade Er En Spade (15:12)
08 - Familiebillede Med Clarinet (4:41)
09 - Budbringeren (3:29)
10 - Salme For Spade (3:24)*
11 - Stilbillede Med Syre (2:58)
12 - En Uge I Hulen (4:43)
13 - Midnatsmesse (10:01)
14 - Brordsword Calling Danny Boy (6:39)

- Tømrerclaus - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Clarinet, Percussion
- Hans Fagt - Drums
- Søren Berlev - Drums
- Hasse Pachino - Bass
- Frank Richard - Drums
- Preben Madsen - Bass

01. Whopshop...
09. Budbringeren...

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Abel - "Please World" {USA} [1970] (Funk Rock Psych Garage Jazz)

Great Funk rock album of Abel Sanchez with great horns and guitar effects including the nice tune "Music Maker". The drummer Tom Catalano had later form his own label :"Tom Cat". You can also find this album on "America" label.

a1 Lost Control 4:30
a2 Searchin for the Light 3:29
a3 Being Lonely 3:46
a4 Music Maker 5:30
b1 Please World 3:39
b2 Let Me Be 3:29
b3 I'd Still Be With Her 2:55
b4 Questions and Answers 2:55
b5 Candy 5:00

- Abel Sanchez Guitar, Vocals, Producer
- David Spediacci Saxophone, Vocals Abel Bass, Main Performer
- Charles Bolds Bass
- Tom Catalano Drums
- Larry Chiesa Trumpet, Vocals
- Russ Gary Engineer (Grateful Dead)

More Info:,,40567,00.html

a1 Lost Control
b1 Please World
b5 Candy


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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Hyde - "Hyde" {Canada} [1969]

This derivative folkrock LP is sometimes inaccurately described as the "second Rockadrome album". Hyde was a solo artist who recorded in the same studio as the Rockadrome album, using Rockadrome members as back-up band. There was no creative input from Rockadrome on the Hyde LP.

01 Standing In The Crowd
02 All Behind Us
03 Fumbling
04 Exit Hero Number One
05 Dodging The Hail
06 Slave
07 I Threw It All Away
08 I Never Met a Man Who Hadn't Once In His Life Been Dirty
09 Roads
10 Hillary

01 Standing In The Crowd...
03 Fumbling...

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