Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Prof. Wolfff – “Prof. Wolf” [1972] @192 (Very Good and Very Rare Kraut Folk Psych) (Kindly Submitted by Guadalupe)

From time to time the Gods Of Music are good to me. This is one of those very fortunate moments. In this case They inspired that nice Mexican lady known as Guadalupe.com to send me this marvelous album.

I think that if I had seen this LP in any record store back in the 70's (yeah I was already alive then) I would have buy it anyway just because of the marvelous and enigmatic cover art.

The only think I know for sure is that out of pure luck buying this album wouldn’t have been a waste of money.

Prof. Wolfff is a very rare (and also well crafted) piece of early symphonic psych or proto–prog.

It seems that there’s not much information about this band. They only released this album which is a nicely balanced blend of early but not abusive psych, some subtle and beautiful folk arrangements, surprisingly well performed and way above average vocal harmonies (in german) and excellent instrumentation including the driving force of a dense but not intrusive Hammond Organ.

This album was recorded in Stuttgart in 1972 and edited a year later but the classic Kraut label Metronome.

Give it a try. I promised you won’t be disappointed.

This was the line up (notice the lack of bass!)

Klaus Peter Schweitzer – Guitar, Piano, VocalsRomi Schickle – Hammond OrganMondo Zech – VocalsFritz Herrmann – Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica

Porf Wolff is pure, delightful musical lycanthropy.

I believe that in Heaven it rains lp’s like this one.

Be well, and…

Keep Listening…!!!

You know where the links are…right?

PS: Gracias Guada….!
Post PS: This album was previously posted at http://tump.blogspot.com with a different bitrate. We didn't notice that at the time we posted it. The important thing is that you get it, from here or from there.

Prof. Wolfff - Das Zimmer...


Jaime Antonio Alvarez said...

Be a Wolfff... go to

Anonymous said...

Wow, this really has been fun! Thank you!
I´m listening to a lot of your impressive posts. You really give me happy time.

---- and for this one,.... do you understand the lyrics?

Anonymous said...

its really cool you can stream songs on your site via flash plug in. the song "eigenes zimmer" or whatever its name is was very good and so far the only krautrock song i have heard with lyrics that werent completly dumb and silly. i am saying the lyrics really got me. i am only wondering why you dont post a download link. well at least you posted a link to a blog that gives the download link so thanks a lot for that one :)

Anonymous said...

New link pleace

friedrich glorian said...

40 years prof. wolfff
german 70s prog rock
collectors jubilee vinyl release, may 2011
lp + insert + limited edition
100 edition colored vinyl 29,90 €
black vinyl 22,90 €


Anonymous said...

had bought it the other day in a berlin record store. the new copy made by second battle records. a real treat!!!

Anonymous said...


Hi-Ho Silver said...

Discogs is full of this LP (cheap)


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