Sunday, December 03, 2006

Stark Naked - "Stark Naked" {USA} [1971] (hard rock)

For my friend 6070Rock :)

Well band name is so common..You know i am no good on finding informations..If you find,you know what to do :) one of a forgotten treasure from the past, great coverart.keep rockin

links in comments..

all oF theN witcheS..
LoOk AgAiN..


nahavanda said...


Anonymous said...

Heya Naha !!!
Thanks a lot for this nice cookie.

Now,I'm just listening Nuevo México - "Hecho En Casa", perfect to this sunny sunday !!!


nahavanda said...

hehe in this part of the world we expect snow here :)) i bought some bottles of cheap wine and umm downloaded some divx movies gonna watch em

i am glad you like it
have a nice day mate

Rock On!!

Anonymous said...

How do you get so great gems ?
I am known in my country to be an expert in prog rock, RIO, and so on ... but I must be humble when I see what you discover ! Go on, fantastic ... I Love you !

arstider said...

LYNE BUNN vcls, perc A
JOHN FRAGOS drms, perc, gong A
JIM MONAHAN vcls, gtr A
PAUL VENIER vcls, keyb'ds, perc A

1(A) STARK NAKED (RCA Victor LSP 4592) 1971

1 Done/Sins (RCA Victor 0588) 1971

From Levittown, Long Island, New York. This outfit's album is a superb and very under-rated progressive album with long organ tracks, fuzz, pleasant piano interludes and some effective female vocals in places. The opening cut, All Of Them Witches, is one of those long extended, elaborate tracks that characterised the progressive era, but the whole of Side One in particular is excellent.

Anonymous said...

Is the same rip from hipidetripi blog. Always is the same


LaVidaRockera said...

Hi, So Glad you like the Album-

Lyne Bunn here: Vocalist from STARK NAKED (now known in the music world as Joey Lyne) It's been a wild & fun ride! In answer to your question, yes, vinyl can be found internationally thru' archive websites; The album was recently Re-Released on Fallout Records/Forced Exposure on CD, August 2006 with 2 bonus/single tracks...It is for purchase everywhere online and chain stores Internationally.

BTW, We were all ready to record an even greater album when everything went crazy with crooked management...we all ended up in different bands.
I'll keep you posted on my new project - Paul Venier also has some music out on the net if you want to search him out.

I just got back from a Patti Smith concert at NYC's Bowery Ballroom...the main point is no matter what our styles of music are we need to use our's up to the Artists and Musicians to make the changes in this world. Don't be afraid to holler!

Keep it Rockin', Ciao!

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