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Désirée - "Make It With a Smile" {Germany} [1976]

I couldnt find info at net. Any information welcome.

01 Listen To The Radio
02 Death of a Little Boy
03 I Am Waiting
04 Darling's Lost Me
05 Sister Of Sea
06 Have You Seen The Rainbow
07 Woman

- Volker Cramer (acc-guitar, lead-guitar, vocals)
- Wolfgang Frauberg (acc-guitar, lead-guitar, vocals)
- Lother Muhleis (Vocal)
- Hugo Steger (drums, piano, vocals)
- Dirk Wulf (bass, vocals)

01 Listen To The Radio
04 Darling's Lost Me
05 Sister Of Sea

Thanks a lot to obscuremusic

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Munju thanks!!!

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The guys are now playing in a band called New Fancy Check their websit at

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NO se puede bajar el disco con los link, como lo hago
saludos coordiales desde Chile

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links in the first comment :)

Mara Bunta said...

Maravilloso album ;)
Gracias Munju

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super! thanks


I believe New Fancy Check is only Lothar Mühleisen (vocals)from this release. The rest of the members are not the same as listed on this release, although the New Fancy Check site lists Peter Rothe (drums) & Michael Werner (guitars) as ex-Désirée??? I could find no other info other than Hanover, Germany, but you might contact Lothar at the New Fancy website. Maybe he'll answer some questions.

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music blog from Turkey

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Thanks but why post a .wav isnt lossless......just transcoded from the mp3....waste of time and space.
you might have mentioned that

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