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Petrus Castrus - "Marasmo" {Portugal} [1971] (ep)

"Ok!I know you all know the Petrus Castrus one of the first portuguese progressive rock bands and his great symphonic work "Ascençao e Queda" ("Rise and Fall"), published in 1976 which includes "Indecisão e Demência" ("Indecision and Dementia").

It gets very influenced by Procol Harum, but suddenly turns into a beautiful melody more symphonic GG style, where as usual the voice work is excellent, two male voices of the Castro brothers in collision with the softest and the stunning Lena d'Agua (here knowledge of the Portuguese language matters).

Probably what you do not know (because it is so rare) is his first EP released earlier in 1971

What is most impressive is the number of radical changes that this band can offer in each track.
In "Marasmo" ("Marasmus") enjoy the melodic fluidity of synthesizers, harpsichord, piano and acoustic guitar. The structural complexity of certain passages gives it a dense sound that ultimately ends up in achieving peace and calmitude, and "Batucada Vulgaris" theme included in the LP Psychedelic Portugal drums and percussion are also used either to enrich the timbre work either to score a little more pace, at one time or other.
Excellent EP that deserves much more popularity, good for any listener who does not care about lyrics in a foreign language.
" by Dom - ProgNotFrog

1. Marasmo (5:39)
2. Ovo de Chumbo (2:44)
3. Batucada Vulgaris (2:59)

- Pedro Castro / Bass
- José Castro / Keyboards, Vocals
- Rui Reis / Piano, Organ
- Júlio Pereira / Guitars
- João Seixas / Drums
- José Mário / Xylophone

Ovo de Chumbo...
Batucada Vulgaris........

Thank you Dom ;)

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isabelbc said...

Anonymous said...

Nice unknown tracks !
Thank you very much Isabel for sharing them !

Have you founded LODESTONE : Time flies that I asked you sometime ago ?


isabelbc said...

hi Phil,
I have it @192, i looking for better bitrate for you...
isabel :o)

Paul Dormenfy said...

Iván Villavicencio said...

Very mystical project... thanks...!!!

Anonymous said...

Isabel, oi!

Estou baixando o ep, depois te falo o que' achei, obrigada! beijo
Márcia Brasil

Anonymous said...

Muito bacana, adorei a primeira canção. Letra psicodelica, lembrou os tempos de Petropolis, Black Zé, Abacate Fluante e CIA, rsrsrsrs
Valeu! beijo

Márcia Brasil

isabelbc said...

oi Marcia,

que bom te ver por aqui! :)

dá uma passada lá no forum, nosso amigo português, Dom, tem nos apresentado verdadeiras pérolas portuguesas dos 70s, especialmente singles.

um beijão,

Isabel :o)

isabelbc said...


Abacate Flutuante é o nome de uma banda?
Se for, me fale detalhes... fiquei curiosa...


Culto do Vinil said...

It´s nice to see that Petrus castrus start to be known by other prog fans in the world. Sadly thats few records of the band and less cd´s.

As a fan of ortuguese prog world, i recommend also quarteto 1111, banda do casaco and tantra.

Thanks for post this sound.

Um abraço a todos
Culto do Vinil Blogspot

Luiz Loureiro said...

lindo, lindo!

obrigado por dar a conhecer uma perola dessas!
otimo trabalho!

pode me indicar mais trabalhos portugueses?

desde já, muito obrigado!

meus parabéns!

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