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Jimmy,Yoko & Shin "SEI SHONAGON"(1978,Japanese Jazz rock)

Jimmy,Yoko & Shin "SEI SHONAGON"(1978)

This is a mega rare Japanese jazz rock.,never released as CD.
It was released as self- indipendent prodiction.
And only this album was released as this trio.
Yoko is a female jazz keyboard player .
And her playing reminds me of Dave Sinclair(ex-Caravan) strongly.
I think this is an excellent Japanese Canterbery-vein album.Moreover,their sound adds Japanese traditional chaos,so their originality got higher and higher.
Sometimes they sing ...the lyrics is from Japanese classical literature.
One is about 1000 years ago(Track 1),and the other is 800years ago (Track 2) and traditional dance music sung at the Japanese festivals was arranged on Track 3.
They won the first prize at the first Jazz Grand Prix in Japan.(joined the 66 groups at that time )

Side A
1.清少納言 SEI SHONAGON (Yoko Sumiya)....18:42

Side B.
1祇園精舎 .GION SHOJA (Yoko Sumiya)....13:25
2.ソウル そうらん SOUL SORAN (Arr. by Yoko Sumiya)....3:04

隅谷 洋子 Yoko Sumiya plays....

YAMAHA electric piano CP-30
YAMAHA combo organ YC-30
YAMAHA combo synthesizer CS-60
& vocal

代永 光男 Jimmy Shironaga plays.....

acoustic guitar
electric bass
& vocal

岡部 真一郎 Shin Okabe plays.......

wood blocks
other percussion instruments
& vocal

Recorded on June 22 & 23,1978

ripped from original LP.
Equipments I used are....
turntable....DENON DP-47F
CD recorder....Pioneer PDR-D5
phono equalizer...ONKYO PE-155
stereo graphic qualizer....Technics SH-8075



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Hi, thanks for this too, I love japan prog music and I'm look for Scheherazade, is one of the first Japanese prog-rock band. Someone know this band?

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Thanks for sharing this Mate!

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Enjoy "Scheherazade" (1992)

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Thank You So Much 4 SEI SHONAGON.
Awesome post!!!

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Thanks anonymous for Sheherazade,You saved my life!!!

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Great and rare album but it wasn't released as independent self-production - Three Blind Mice is famous jazz label!

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Can you please reupload this one thank you kindly

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