Tuesday, July 26, 2011

This Oneness "Surprize" (USA,1975,)

This Oneness, aka "Goldstreet" The Minnesota based Jazz-Fusion-Rock "This Oneness" musicians consisted of Greg Inhofer, Dale Strength, (both from the band Pepper Fog), Robyn Lee, Doug Nelson, and Bernie Pershey, formerly of White Lightning. John Ebert was Sound Engineer with his owner-operator miniature "Wall of Sound" equipment. In the 1960s and 1970s, "pepper fog" was an aerial spray dispersed from helicopters over anti-war demonstrations that would make you eyes water, and I presume that is the inspiration for that bands name. This Oneness musical styles covered Mahavishnu Orchestra Birds of Fire and Chick Corea's "Return To Forever" Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy album (and was the opening act for Chick on the east coast once). This Oneness group also backed Olivia-Newton-John on her road tours in America from May 1974 through 1975, also appearing on the NBC Mar. 7th 1975 "Midnite Special" broadcast. The May 1974 midwestern colleges tour managed by Variety Theater International were Olivia's first American stage appearances. These very enthusiastic audience turnouts convinced everyone to go forward with her future musical endeavors in America. These early tours included one show at the 1975 Minnesota State Fair Grandstand racetrack stage to a record audience. The group played Harrah's South Shore Room at Lake Tahoe Nov. 6, 1975. While in town, William B. Harrah had the group out for a day trip on the lake in his 33 foot Chris Craft run-about outfitted with two 12 cylinder aircraft engines capable of a peak speed of 55 mph. In 1976 This Oneness desired to return their focus to writing and producing their "Surprize" album and work on promotion of the group once again. Leaving Olivia was not an easy emotional decision for the band to make. The band wrote "Song For Olivia" in parting. (This commentary was written by my dear friend,isabel)
more... http://minnewiki.publicradio.org/index.php/This_Oneness

Side 1
1.You Can't Do That !(1:45)
   a.Lunar sunrise
3.Please Let The Sunshine(5:36)
4.Song for Olivia(3:09)
5.In Out In Out(4:06)

Side 2
1.Radio Free Amerika(7:13)
2.Merging Diversions(8:44)
3.Surprize (Reprise)("NO" note)
4.Go In Peace(3:45)

Bernie Pershey:   drums,percussion,vocals,and lyrics
Douglas Nelson:   electric basses,vocals,and percussion
Dale Strength:   vocals,acoustic and electric guitars and percussion
Greg Inhofer:   vocals,electronic and acoustic pianos,six and twelve string guitars,and percussion 
Robyn Lee:   flute,saxophone,organ,synthesizer,and vocals

Merging Diversions

ripped from original LP.
Equipments I used are....
turntable....DENON DP-47F
CD recorder....Pioneer PDR-D5
phono equalizer...ONKYO PE-155
stereo graphic qualizer....Technics SH-8075
sazanami......scratch noise remover(PC software)


Mit said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Ya Shige! Do You mind to post the tracklist, please.

Oracus said...

Wonderful! Thanks a lot!

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Mit said...

Hi,Maitre D.
I almost forgot that you always request tracklist(LOL).
I added them now.
Do you like this album ?
I love it from the begginig to the last.
This album makes us appreciative of GREAT American prog .
To UL this one here,I listened it many times .
Every time I listened this stuff , I just liked the album.

Mit said...

added the lyric sheet

ushaped said...

thank you Shige! Osurec introduced me to this record but it's great to have a version with the tracks separated. it's quite a fusion monster of an album. as a musician, I always like hearing when a band "goes for it". all the best!

Morbus said...

I just downloaded the "mp3"-file, but it seems there are only 8 files inside, eventough the tracklist shows 9 titles. Or did i miss something? ^^

Mit said...

The time is not displayed on only track 3 of Side 2 on the cover and the label print on the vinyl.
So I could not cut it.

Radagacuca said...

Thank you for this post.
Especially 07.Surprize (Reprise)("NO" note)is a fusion masterpiece.

Morbus said...


Thanks for the info! May I'll try to "find" the end there ^^

Anonymous said...

Cheers Shige! Nice that You added the tracklist, allthough I found it somewhere else as well - to Your question: Yes I like this album a lot, great stuff. Hopefully You find more stuff like this!

Mit said...


new link and re-rip and new remastered.


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Please re-up!

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