Sunday, September 16, 2012

VA - Unknown Titles.... Known Titles {Germany} (1981)

Again credit to discobasso for his growingbinrecords store for the discovery of this VA album from Germany with utterly unknown artists, save the 'other' Alcatraz (not the famous vampire state bldg group), who did a record called "Music Made by Hands". When you listen to this record, ignore the first 2 reggae throwaway tracks, unless for some utterly unfathomable reason you have an excuse for liking reggae (here we can expect a comment below along the lines of, "hey! watch it! I like reggae!"), focus on track 3, a fusion band along the lines of germans psi, lindwurm, zebulon, etc., called "Cheapness Forever" which performs a beautiful grandiose instrumental starting with some wonderful dissonances on the horns and petering out to a very attractive e minor ending. Some popish and folkish numbers ensue, then after the pedestrian rock band "Railroad Track" punishes you at the start of side b, you will be shocked into quiescence by the band Melange and their Trettioariga-Kriget-like progressive hard rock. As I've said before, it's hard to do prog on a heavy metal basis, but these guys perform magnificently. Both tracks are superb compositions in the genre and it's utterly a tragedy this group did not make an album. Or did they? A quick search I did, complicated by the commonness of the band name, was fruitless, but I know there are folks out there who know far more than me about the subject (e.g. Sebastian probably).

Included as samples, the aforementioned Track 3, and the hard rock titles on side b.

Cheapness Forever - Eintopf

Melange - A kin to rock

Melange - Brontosaurus [sadly, there is no such dinosaur anymore, it was renamed --Editor.]

Oh yes, & please take a good admiring look at that cover art-- I just love it to death, a big reason I bought this record from the great discobasso at

Check it out!! An incredibly well-thought-out selection of rare and well-priced vinyls!


Anonymous said...

in mp3 -
in wav -

Recommended 'mix' album!


Tristan Stefan said...


isabelbc said...

thank you very much, Tristan!!
downloading now, i loved Melange tracks!! :o)

Tristan Stefan said...

thanks mr morgan for the uploads to netkups, as we know, they are not very kind to me lately... yes that melange is amazing!

basso said...

Hi Chris, I've been trying to find more of the featured artists a while ago, but without luck. Well, there is a Ganja Reaggae 7" but who gives a shit? And I've seen that Alcatraz LP on ebay a while ago, but probably you snatched that one anyway ; ) Thanks for advertising growingbinrecords! Cheers, Basso

echoes said...

It's not on me to write down what kind of music I like. What I would like is to remind you that Music is Music and there are many different ones. And I would expect from somebody that likes a diversity in music very much (just look at your offers..) to respect also other stuff. Or at least remain quiet when it comes to Music you don't like.
Otherwise, thx for a lot of good music we can find here.

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