Friday, February 06, 2015

Horizont (1977,prog , Sweden)

Horizont (1977,prog ,Sweden)

Recommended to KAIPA's fans.




Full album


Mit said... the same link (ripped from the vinyl myself )

Anonymous said...

does anybody have

Unknown said...

Ever thought about using ZippyShare? I dunno if it's inconvenient from an uploading perspective but holy cow it's nice on downloaders..

Thanks for having all this spectacular music. I got into prog rock a year or so ago to try and find bands that might have influenced Phish in their more amorphous improvisational spaces, and now i'm pretty much a freak for the stuff!

Mit said...

>>>does anybody have

I own the CD,so will upload it here in some days.

Mit said...


OK,I will upload using ZippyShare next time ...only mp3.
Lossless is too big to upload using ZippyShare.

Julianryan said...

I posted a really beautiful new find on my blog:
note that it's pop really, not progressive, but it's gorgeous!

Mit said...

Request by Anonymous

Anonymous said...

many thanks for TAPESTRY mr Shige....can you upload it and lossless please? thanks again..Peter

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sosgotcha said...

link is dead for Tapestry, could you post it again please ?
Thank you very much !

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