Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Saint-Preux "Atlantis " (1979 ,France ,Sympho )

This is an excellent rock symphony.....concept album about Atlantis Continent .
Especially fantastic of inner cover below .

different cover



Mit said...

WAV...ripped from the vinyl today.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, this is really good! (Apart from the awful 'Save Me Atlantis' - can certainly do without those kind of overwrought vocals!) Great to hear anything involving Bernard Paganotti.

October Country said...

Excellent my friend, Thank You for these continuing goodies!
I'm a sucker for any LP titled 'Atlantis' (Atlantis Philharmonic, Earth & Fire's Atlantis, Nova's Atlantis, Atlantide...) and this is another great addition!
Love the keys and far-out narration...esp. in the 1st track...
And really love that inner cover, fantastic!
Thanks again bro :)

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