Thursday, March 17, 2016

Δώρος Γεωργιάδης (Doros Georgiadis)Σταύρος Σιδεράς(Stavros Sideras) "Πέρασαν 2000 Χρόνια" (It's Been 2000 Years ) (Greece ,1976,concept Xian prog )




A1 20 Ιουλίου 1974 (July 20 ,1974)
A2 Παναγιά Μου (My Lady)
A3 Πέρασαν 2000 Χρόνια (It's Been 2000 Years )
A4 Σε Πούλησαν Χριστέ Μου (They sold The Christ )
A5 Happier World
A6 Τα Νέα (The News )

B1 Κύριε Δημιουργέ (Lord Creator)
B2 Ο Εξωγήινος (The Alian)
B3 Ένα Τρελλό Όνειρο (A Crazy Dream )
B4 Ο Σκεπτικιστής (The Skeptic)
B5 The End Must Become
B6 Hymn To Love

Music: Doros Georgiadis
Lyrics: Stavros Sideras

Return verses in Greek: Doros Georgiadis
Orchestration: Doros Georgiadis
Conductor: Johnny Boshoph
Production: Loizides - Nicolas Production
Producer for Greece: Kon. Fasolas
Slide Front-Cover: Jacques Wyrs / Paris
Slides & Inside back cover: Kon. Papaconstantinou


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WAV..ripped from the vinyl today.

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Many thanks Shige.

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Thank you SO much for this one! Very much like the more "romantic" 70's Prog Italiano. It is hitting my sweet spot!

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Hi Shige!
I just saw a couple of mid-70's greek posts, great!
This one might interest's decades later but sounds as good as the old ones:

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Crystal Thoughts is really excellent ,but too much difficult for me to get them.
Someone can share their albums here ...?

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Very interesting! Thank you!

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