Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Группа Петра Пашкова ‎– Це не хевi метал рок (LP 1991 ,jazz rock ,fusion ,Ukraine )


You can try all the tracks here.


The name of the album means ..."This is not a Heavy Melal Rock" ....Wow ,what a sence !


Mit said...

Ripped from the vinyl today.


gr8dane said...

Thank you.Looking forward to try this.

санди said...

Many thanks for this record! I didn't know about this thing. It is interesting that it is recorded at the time of the USSR in 1989. Musicians are Ukrainians. And it is published in 1991 when there was a disintegration of the country in Petersburg (it is Russia).
On the back of an envelope the journalist Matvei Ganapolsky wrote the review. He in 1991 worked at all-Union radio and conducted "The Miracles on the 7th Floor broadcast", and in 2000-th works for radio "Echoe Moskow", was an oppositional journalist and now emigrated to Ukraine. Information on musicians isn't enough. The organizer of group Peter Pashkov (piano, electronic keys) who studied with professor L. A. Vayntraub. Peter Pashkov is the winner of a republican competition among pianists, make show at festivals competitions in Kiev, Lviv, Apatity. Began to teach in musical school of R. M. Gliere in Kiev. Here and all information which is on a record envelope.

Franco said...

Hi.....anychance of uploading the Wav file again please ?



Fabrizio Torreblanca said...

WAV file again, please. It'd be great.

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