Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Elders - Looking For The Answer (1971 US Hard-Rock)

Are you tired of Jazz-Rock posts on the blog? You are really tired of all these strange jazz-rock albums? So here is a healing The Elders will rock you to your bone. Thats a band from Ohio which was formed under the name: Jerry & the Others and some songs was released on compilation but ut was just Garage songs. In 1971 they released that great album a mix of blues rock hard rock and many other rock styles :) From cover you willl never say that they was a christian band

Looking for the Answer

Thanks to Peter


imnotgod said...

Great thanks Ricsi.
Once again a very great post.
Best wishes from your Belgian friend.

Captain Beyond said...

Personally, I can't get enough of that jazz-rock! But I'd like to give this a whirl as well.

Cpt. Beyond

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the rare JAZZ ROCK and FUSION you post here...keep it coming, it's greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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