Monday, May 05, 2008

Chimera - Obstakel (1980 Dutch Folk Rock)

Another folk killer! The second Chimera album on Legendary Stoof Label. For some unknown reason even harder to get that their first album (Chimera only made two albums) Again an brilliant folk album of a very high quality. All musical arrangements were done by themselves inspired by (1400 to 1800) Dutch stories, such as "crying at the Fair" and "street lady". Fantastic Female voice (by Marry Verkade) and supportet with multi-talented artists, using a widespread (traditional) instruments. Rather undefinable album with unique sound! One of the few must-have of Dutch Folk Gems

i can just agree with that review take that great album and also want to say big thanks to our Greek friend antonios

De Stalknecht


Belan Richárd said...

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot!!!
That's wonderful!!!


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very nice piece of work!



graaf24 said...

Any chance to re-post this? Thanks

graaf24 said...

Sorry...Any chance to re-post first Chimera - Duivels Oorkussen? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ricsi for this post, but the tracklist ?

graaf24 said...

Here is correct track list:
01 De Stalknecht 5:02
02 De Stinkzwam 6:02
03 De Klem 3:34
04 Wachten 5:12
05 De Waardin 8:10
06 De Laatste Brief 7:45
07 La Rotta 5:50

Note: join track 6+7 from original archive to one track no. 6, track 8 from original archive is track 7 (La rotta)!

Anonymous said...

They sing in English????
or in Dutch??

graaf24 said...

In Dutch!

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