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Neuschwanstein - "Alice in Wonderland" {Germany} [1976] (Symphonic Prog)

This is German prog from the late seventies. Instrumentally, acoustic guitar, flute, harpsichord and a variety of keyboards lock together to make an extremely rich and beautiful musical backdrop, with some absolutely gorgeous themes. The music is melodic with detailed arrangements and interesting orchestration. The vocalist sounds remarkably like Peter Gabriel; lyrics are all in English. The sound could be described as "Planets" period ELOY meets "Moonmadness" period CAMEL, with a touch of MACHIAVEL. The reissue on CD of a real "must", a mythical disk from unknown musicians.

01. Theme of Alice - The Flower Meadow - The White Rabbit (1:17)
02. The Gate to Wonderland (2:13)
03. Pond of Tears (2:45)
04. The conference of the Princess - Old Father's Song - Duchess' Lullaby (8:31)
05. Five-O'Clock-Tea (6:49)
06. The Marching of the queen - Palace of Wonderland (12:04)
07. The Court of the Animals (5:01)
08. Alice's Return (2:04)

- Thomas Neuroth (Keyboards)
- Klaus Mayer (Flute, Synthesizer)
- Roger Weiler (Guitars)
- Frederic Joos (Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar)
- Rainer Zimmer (Bass, Vocal)
- Hans-Peter Schwarz (Drums)
- Hermann Rarebell (Drums) (ex-The Scorpions)

06. The Marching of the queen - Palace of Wonderland
08. Alice's Return

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