Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pogonophobia "Bimmib" [2009] (Space, Kraut, Psychadelic)

Here we go again! I've been busy the last six months with all kinds of stuff, but the hunt for good stuff haven't stoped!
So here it is the latest album from Pogonophobia and this time with a drumer and on extra guitarist. And that does a lot for the sound!
In fact this is an album that contains some material from their third (The Book Of Improvisa) album andsome newley recorded songs.
It sounds like the old unknown kraut band Pyramid meets Tangerine Dream
I really hope that they will develop their music and do what they do best great trippy psychadelic!

My favourit tune is Road to Samadhi 1

Download link in comments


Anonymous said...

Copy and paste:


icastico said...

Thanks. Sounds like a good one.

Your readers may enjoy the latest one over at Pen & Mallet


Anonymous said...

This is really good music!
I like both the looping pieces and the jams with full band. You hardly hear this kind of music anymore, no one dares to put out records like this.
I want more from Pogonophobia!

Anonymous said...

Very thanx !
Great band. Any chance to upload their previous aldum "The Book Of Improvisa" ..?

Long time I'm want to buy their CD's. But searching anywhere (web shops etc) - and nothing...
Anybody knows where their CD's available ?


ufo said...

....good stuff!
tanx for the share!

Anonymous said...

Aleksndr visit their myspace and contact them they will gladley help you!

d.c.p said...


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