Monday, February 08, 2010

Head - "Red Dwarf & Blackpool Cool" {UK} [1975-77] prog jazz/fusion

for a few days i am amazing myself listening this band over and over again. last time i was that happier to listen a similar sounding band was the day i listened Probe 10. think of early king crimson albums with more jazzier sound and more sharp edges. some information about the band that i found; "Sometimes known as "the haggis of fusion jazz bands," Head was a small combo active in Glasgow in the '70s. The rhythm section of drummer Billy Kyle and bassist Graham Mince were consistent factors in the three albums released by the group over a fiveyear period, as was the presence of multiinstrumentalist John Davies, who doubled on keyboards and trumpet. Other members of the group changed from album to album, guitarist Charles Alexander drifting away to be replaced by Lachlan McColl, saxophonist Gordon Cruickshank taking up where previous honker Howard Copland had left off. Selfdetermination, an important concept in documenting improvised during the '70s, was vital to the Head liturgy. The group's debut releaseentitled GTF in reference to a crude Scottish way of suggesting someone should depart quicklywas released through SRT, basically a vanity consortium. The band started up its own label, Head records, for its final and most commercial production, Blackpool Cool. This Head should not be confused with other bands that use this name such as a more recent outfit fronted by Gareth Sager..." read more here. a hidden gem!

eaRthsonG SuiTe..
KicK Me quicK..
White GiAnT..

thanks to osurec & tristan.


nahavanda said...

Red Dwarf('75)
Blackpool Cool('77)

Jason said...

Are you kidding me? This is fantastic! I hear Miles Davis Live Evil era space jazz and blacksploitation soundtracks. These guys are white Scots? No fucking way. Another great find. Thanks so much for sharing!

Sakalli said...

Benim yeni adresi sitede güncelleyebilir misin?

Çok sağol şimdiden.

Oracus said...

Interesting stuff! VEry obscure! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Please post the first too.
What can we do to have these albums reissued?

cheeba said...

Wow, excellent jazz prog and great groove. Thanks!

Oracus said...

cheeba's positive comment in that obscure record is good sign! :)

Please, more jazz rock records, they are great !

icastico said...

Indeed very nice.
Would have been all over this when it was new...nice to discover it now.

Anonymous said...

Hello from Greece.
A BIG THANK YOU for these outstanding albums.
First time I heard these albums.
I'm so grateful for these posts.
Thanks for sharing.


boogieman said...

Thanks mate, never heard of this band before. Excellent jazz rock in the early Nucleus vein.

Anonymous said...

I have the Red Dwarf Lp, Inherited it from a relative who got it from one of the original band members. Nice to see others got to hear it too.

Unknown said...

Could any re-upload at all? :)

Anonymous said...

I have the SRT release of GTF picked up over 40 years ago. I never realised that they made othet records.

fent99 said...

Hi There
I was wondering whether it would be possible to re-up these. Bill Kyle passed away a short while ago and I'd love to hear these...

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