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Zoppo Trump - "Zoppo Trump" {Germany} [1971-76]

The progressive band from Dortmund was only known for their two tracks on the LP "Scena Westphalica". On the CD there are in addition seven hitherto unreleased studio recordings.

Zoppo Trump from Dortmund are known in collectors’ circles only for the sampler LP “Scena Westphalica” (Förderturm Records UP I/76), on which they are represented with their highly praised pieces “Wellengang” and “Fluktuation”. In addition to these tracks, the CD contains another seven tracks of a perfect sound which had been studio recordings and had not been released until then. Style: progressive rock slightly influenced by jazz and classical music, however mostly without any wind instruments. There was a sporadic use of the Mellotron and English vocals. Comparable to Streetmark. Udo Preising had come from Electric Mud. Nicky Gebhard later joined Wallenstein, and Martin Buschmann, son of the well-known jazz- musician Rainer Glen Buschmann, joined Cochise. For some time, by the way, Dieter Gorny was on bass for Zoppo Trump. There are, however, no recordings from this period of their band history.

01 Man of Peace (1971)
02 Queen of War (1971)
03 Get Out of the Fixer Circle (1972)
04 Confusion (1972)
05 From my Window (1972)
06 Six of Eight (1972)
07 Dream of Hope (1972)
08 Wellengang (1976)
09 Fluktuation (1976)

- Ferdi Eberth (voc, g, sax, org)
- Ulrich Beck (g)
- Martin Buschmann (p, org, Mellotron, alto sax)
- Thomas Laleicke (b, backing voc)
- Udo Preising (b)
- Nicky Gebhard (dr, perc)
- Wolfgang Hahn (dr)

02 Queen of War...
03 Get Out of the Fixer Circle...

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