Thursday, September 19, 2013

Listen, featuring Mel Martin - ST (US 77) and Growing (US 78)

From the cd reissue wishlist: 
I'm going to open up the floor now to my friend and contributor, mystery man x from the land of z and beyond, who I'll simply refer to henceforth as xz.   Back when I was collecting different nicknames for contributors like Midwest Insurance Salesman, Toledo Joe, Shakespeare the amateur, Swami the Reincarnated Dinosaur, and "neanderthal man" (who I subsequently fossilized for the University of Oklahoma along with his encyclopaedic knowledge of German library music), I also indulged in extensive progressive music listening from my two homes, four executive positions, and six trophy wives while running a mail-order catalogue, sorry catalog, of vinyls for sale and naked Russian brides, one type of product on each facing page.  (So if you had strabismus or a squint you could only order one type of product not the other.)  To make it more interesting I would add some stereo equipment sales in there too, except you couldn't listen to music on it.  At that time xz mentioned to me this amazing masterpiece of fusion that I just had to hear, while reiterating his constant complaint of appearing in too many polynomial equations.  Of course I can't actually share the music since xz = e power y (sorry I couldn't resist, man).  So I'll turn it over to him now, "swirling mellotrons and rapid-fire hard guitarwork punctuate the equilibrium brought on by steady synths and some furious finger-plucking lyre work from St. Augustine, then the minimoog comes crashing through with its devastating rocket-propelled act of god as if god himself was piloting a bomb-laden drone over enemy territory... Towards the end the crescendo and tempo build to such a rapid voluminous pace I was left sweating, breathless, salivating, and in dire need of a blow job.  A masterpiece of progressive music, "Gandalf meets Sir Lancelot in the King of the Rings' Arthur's Court" is also criminally rare, having been pressed in a limited edition of 0.5 copies (only one side was done before the band ran out of money) but it's absolutely criminal not to have appeared yet on CD so yeah go ahead, arrest me, big boy, arrest me!  For owning half an album!!!!   "
Oops looks like he reviewed the wrong record there for me.  Damn that guy!

Priority: x

Luckily I can count on Tom as a friend so I know he won't mind a little humour at his expense-- entirely at his expense of course, not mine ;-)

In style this is very similar to the Natural Life and Mike Elliot LPs I posted not so long ago with the minor difference of a bit less fusion, a bit more latin.  (And if there's one thing I can't stand it's that flamenco chord progression of tonic - minor second - minor third (e.g. E-F-G) -- I just hate it to death.)  Oddly enough there's quite a bit of Caribbean steel drum in there too.

Sample tracks, the beautiful Jesse's Theme from the first record:

And the S.E.'s  Dream from the second:


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Hi! Tnx for posting.
Any possibility of a re-up, of the first (s/t) lp?
The link seems to be dead.

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