Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ricotti Albuquerque - First Wind (UK 1971) [REUPLOAD!!]

I sold the record so I figured I might as well rerip it and reupload it.
Note that Frank Ricotti made one interesting library album called "Vibes" that features at least a couple of progressive tracks, though the remainder is ordinary library in my opinion, while de Albuquerque made two classic pop-prog albums in the 70s, Stalking the Sleeper and We may be cattle, etc., both of which I really love, featuring that typical british beatlesian smooth produced arrangement with unusual melodies, etc.


Tristan Stefan said...


Mit said...

Thank you very much for re-uploading.
About the following file,
some noises are removed from yours.


Tristan Stefan said...

btw both those files are mp3

Jazz Rocker said...

Great share thank you!

I'm wondering if anyone has The Red Devils LP on Preiser, had my copy stolen 5yrs ago & have never been able to find it since (well not at anything like I paid for it 20yrs ago!)


Anonymous said...

Thank You T.S.!
Very fine music and a very rare LP indeed (so rare i never knew of this one, nor was familiar with neither Ricotti nor Albuquerque!)
I'm a percussionist so shame on me i was not aware of Frank Ricotti.
I wish that the whole record was more similar to the first song, but it is all very well-played and performed. Your LP rip sounds excellent too-- Well Done! Thanks Again! --dandor

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