Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Graham Moses "Put It All On Red " (USA,1980)

Graham Moses "Put It All On Red " (USA,1980)

Do you like the following 4 albums by Peter Hammill (VDGG) ?

The Future Now (1978)
PH 7(1979)
A Black Box (1980)
Sitting Targets (1981)

If so,
you might enjoy this obscure gem by this talented American singer's album.
Reminds me of  PH (early 80s era)




Mit said...

WAV & mp3....same link

Mit said...

Another link (netkups)

October Country said...

Hello my friend, good to see you around again!
And with yet another new treat to be savored
while dreaming away on this rainy day...
gonna have to give this one a jolly good spin!
Thank you!!

...I posted links for this a couple weeks ago, so you may have already snagged it, but if you haven't, I heartily recommend it!!
Here is Roger Glover's great solo lp from 1978, 'Elements'
This has always been one of my favorites,
the last three tracks make up the 2nd side of the lp,
and man are they heartfelt cosmic excellence...
...some of the finer moments recorded here on this 3-D trip...
This rip comes from my very rare 1993 Connoisseur Collection VSOP cd, and it's top-notch!

Roger Glover - Elements 1978

Enjoy & Thanks again brother Shige

ps.....I've recently crossed some rarities off my most-wanted list (finally!)
which I'll be sharing with you soon :)

Mit said...

Hello,October Country.
Thanks for sharing "Elements".
I have never tried it before.
It seems very interesting.

Anonymous said...

What a nice surprise! Really cool and original music.
Downloaded it because of the Hammill reference, not expecting much. Man was I wrong.
Thanks for sharing this obscure gem!

Mit said...

>>>Thanks for sharing this obscure gem!

You are welcome.

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