Sunday, September 14, 2014

Tracks "The Very Best of Tracks 1969-1974 " (USA,complilation, 1991 )

Tracks "The Very Best of Tracks 1969-1974 " (USA,complilation, 1991 )





Mit said...

WAV & mp3 are included in the same link.

Does someone have the legit CD and can share me the lossless of the CD here ?
I have interest at the difference of the sound quality between the legit CD and my rip from the legit cassette a lot.

October Country said...

hot Tracks ...Isengard!
Thank you my friend for more Goods

flying the all-night Time Machine out on the perimeter,
there's something on the radar...
...and it's in our sights...
Alright, here we go with a monster
that had been haunting my want-list dreams for many years...
Now I finally tracked this elusive psych-pop beast down and
am very happy to share it's rare and wonderful riches!
Here, from 1972, is
The Happenings Four - Tomei Ningen
this rip is from my 2003 Eastworld cd...
all the songs and booklet are in Japanese
.....maybe we can get a little help from our friends
with the song titles..... ;)
but the music is Universal,
speaking to the heart and soul,
rejuvenating body and mind,
renewing good spirits...

The Happenings Four - Tomei Ningen

Enjoy &
Thanks again my friend!

RickK said...

could you please add sendspace?


Mit said...

Hello,October Country.
Thanks for sharing the Happenings Four's "Tomei Ningen"
I will enjoy this album tonight.

Here's another link.

RickK said...

thank you. I've never even heard of this band.


Anonymous said...

a TRUE CLASSIC I think !
I have a request : if someone has the second prog band US, CATHEDRAL Epilog ( only recently printed), it' s the moment to post here !
It is saying it' s really good ( the follow up of " Stained glass memories" ) !
Many thanks


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