Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Alain Renaud - "Renaud" {France} [1975] (psych/prog - spacey/hard)

"Very little info on this musician. The first album: sort of spacey sound, with lots of echoing guitar work, a bit similar to Richard Pinhas in style (who also co-produced the album). The second I know nothing about. Back And In Again: here we have participations from Patrick Gauthier, Benoit Widemann and Richard Pinhas. Guy Delacroix plays bass (he will later appear on Jean-Michel Jarre's Revolutions). The style is reportedly more Jazz-Rock than EM, but with already three Heldon dudes giving a hand you can't go wrong, can you?." review taken from http://www.pugachov.ru/eem/rafram.html back cover seems more interesting than the front, and the music: is nice!

thanks to my friend gilles :)


nahavanda said...


Anonymous said...

THIS SOUNDS GREAT! I'm eagerly watching my download progress meter... thank you very much

Anonymous said...

Thanks nahavanda. Very Nice Post. My Wishest List..Cooley & Munson - In Debt(1972,USA). Mandragore - A Revivre Le Futur (1990). Post Up Please. Thanks

Baxter Tocher said...

Whoa, this guy is a good electric guitarist! Reminiscent of Steve Hillage in places, though without his characteristic gliss guitar sound. He also plays acoustic on the second track. Some nice synth work on here too.

Track one (Back and In) is perhaps a tad self-indulgent (especially the third quarter!), though a sign of the times then, I guess.

Very much in the jazz rock mould, which is just fine by me.

Mark G said...

This was the first record I remember hearing on the John Peel show.

I finally tracked down a copy (after years of thinking it was by Elaine Renault), thanks to e-bay, about 5 years ago.

Anonymous said...

File deleted, I'm afraid.
Coud you repost it?
Thanx very much!

isabelbc said...

try here: http://prognotfrog.com/search.php?q=Alain+Renaud+

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