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P.L.J. Band - "Gaspar" {Greece} [1979] (Single)

The first ever official vinyl reissue of these Greek legends. Originally released in 1982 by Vertigo this is a very rare album nowadays. Progressive, space rock, psychedelic, Byzantine and mid-eastern elements create the ultimate Greek "rock" album, as many prog-minds around the world declare. The lyrics based on the "Apocalypse of John" and the "Prophecies of Ezekiel". The surprise is the "GASPAR", which accompanies this album. It was a privately pressed 7" EP, released in 1979 as a limited edition of 1000 copies and it had been distributed by the band through their gigs. Nowadays, it's an ultra rarity and almost impossible to find a copy. It contains 4 tracks, all self-penned and sung in English and it's closer to the late 60's - early 70's psychedelic music than to the "Armageddon's" space progressivism. It has never been rereleased in any format. This is an official reissue. From the master-tapes. Exact reproduction of the gatefold cover and the Vertigo labels. Includes extra 2-pages insert with photos and the reproduction of an original full-coloured poster which announces the just-released (!!!) album by Vertigo back in 1981. Yet, the set contains the ULTRA RARE, 4-tracks,7" EP "Gaspar", made by the band in 1979. With its original B/W picture sleeve, this 7" re-release is licenced by P.L.J Band members. 500 copies.

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01. Wake up (3:07)
02. Summer will come for me again (2:52)
03. Gaspar (3:15)
04. Transmigration (3:19)

- Laurentis Macaeritsas / Lead Vocals, 12-String Guitar, Keyboards
- Antonis Mijelos / Lead guitar, Acoustic Guitar
- Jimmy Vasalakos / Bass, Backing Vocals
- Pavlos Kikrilis / Rhythm, Classical Guitar
- Tolis Skamajouras / Drums, Percussion

Thanks to Antony :)
Thanks to Pavlos Kikrilis :)

03. Gaspar
04. Transmigration

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