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Some great and very rare Greek singles (kindly submitted by Antony)

Kastores - "O Ksenos Zitianos" & "Polemos Esti Fonias" [1973]

They started in Athens 1972. At 15 september 1973 played support to UK band MIDDLE OF THE ROAD and SOCRATES. They played hard rock.
Kastores played with one song in Pop Festival '73.
They released 4 songs (two here and one in pop festival + Edo Politexnio song)
They broke spring 1974 and 23 april 1978 played again live in cinema ''Riveiro'- Athens with Vagios Naoumis-bass and Roumeliotis second guitar. Giorgos Sterras played later to Rhesus and Iraklis Spiros Fatouros at summer 77 played with Agapanthos and spring 79 with Iraklis. ..:: Antony ::..

- Grigoris Roumeliotis - bass, vocals
- Giorgos Sterras - guitar
- Spiros Fatouros - drums

Axis - "Get Out Of These Lines" & "Gold Wings" [1973]

Band founded in Paris by Greek exiles.

- Demis Visvikis - Organ, Piano, Mellotron, Harpsichord, Vocals
- Georges Hadijathanassiou - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
- Alecos Caracandas - Guitars, Vocals
- Demetris Katakusinos - Ac. Guitars, Bass, Vocals
- Alexander Fantis - Electric and Acoustic Bass, Percussion (1973)
- Christos Stassinopoulos - Drums, Percussion (1973)

Akritas - "O Pan" & "Tis Zois I Proti Mou Stalia" [1973]

Akritas, with a more or less epocal recording, tell the story of traditional music, ambitious playing, rock-filling versatileness and lyrism, having the mix of at least three prog movements and pleasing with a connectivity that goes from the simplest (music play) to the most ambitious patterns. A bit of a one-off success, that laments the short living of the group. more:

- Giorgios Tsoupakhy - drums
- Stauzos Logazidhos - vocals, guitar, bass
- Aphe Tasoulos - keyboards

Gazuama Sinchartchas - "Anipsosi Apotinaksi Ekfigi (Part I, II & III)" [1971]

Progressive rock trio from Athens. Released one single in PAN VOX 1971. They played hard psych with greek folk touches. ..:: Antony ::..

- John Mashinidis - bass
- Nikos Mintzis - flute
- Giannis Melahris - drums

Ionathan - "Anagnorisis" & "Sto Tsirko" [1971]

One single in Olympic (1971 music words P. Vakatatsis). The first name of the group was ''Harp Of Avesalom''. Vakatatsis and Doikas later played to Spiridoula. Nick Antipas later to Osiris and Socrates. .:: Antony ::..

- Pavlos Vakatatsis - organ
- Bill Rakopoulos - guitars
- Nisim Levi - guitars
- Nick Doikas - bass
- Nick Antipas - drums

Noe - "Ilios Anatelli" & "Kathome Pali Apopse Ke Stohazome" [1973]

Pop group from Athens. One single in 1975 in Phillips label. They played in 1975 live in rock club ''Rondeo''. Lambros Tselendis played later to progresive group Apocalypsis in the beginning of 80's. ..:: Antony ::..

- Kostas Ntouroutzis - guitar, vocals
- Lakis Makrakis - bass (later Lambros Tselendis)
- Vangelis Zisis - drums

Iraklis - "Sakraflatia" & "San Oneiro Gliko" [1976]
Iraklis & DNA (pre-Lernea Idra) - "O Giannis" & "Ta Idia Oneira" [1972]

He released one single in 1973 with his group DNA. They played folk rock with violin, lira and gaida.

- Giorgos Maglaras
- Petros Protopappas
- Fontas Hantzis
- Sofia Gianatou
- Lena Platonos

2 years later with Lernea Idra (with old and new members) played live in one pub the lp ''Se Alous Kosmous''.

- Brothers Katsimiha
- Dimitris Maglaras
- Dimitris Poulikakos
- Marinakis (member of Peloma Bokiou)
- Kiourtsoglou (member of Peloma Bokiou)

As Lernea Idra also released one single in 1977 in Columbia.

Pictures/Photos/covers welcome :)

Thanks to Antony :)

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Kastores -
Iraklis & DNA -
Axis -
Gazuama Sinchartchas -
Ionathan -
Noe -
Akritas -

IR e L a IXI said...

hey Munju thanks for these wonderfull post! it only sucks i cant find tabulatures to figure out the chords for these tunes

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Great reissue:

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Oh God, this blog never ceased to amaze me... Antony you are my new hero! You 've made my day, really!

A million thanks!

ippokratis said...

- Giorgios Tsoupakhy - drums
- Stauzos Logazidhos - vocals, guitar, bass
- Aphe Tasoulos - keyboards

Tony, look at the names! It's all wrong! Who the hell are they??? (Tsoupakhy, Stauzos Logazidhos, Aphe!!!! xa,xa,xa,xa!!!)

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the links for ionathan do not work at all

can you please fix them?

thanks for the music.

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hi angelab23,

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could you post some rembetiko? i know it's not prog, but...

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HEY MAN,GREAT POST! ANY CHANCE OF A hand-made Greek Rare Rock Compilation? Thanx!

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thank you very much munju

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wow, this is really bringing warmth to the norwegian november.
finished downloading them all now
and will listen eagerly.


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What you say about Part 2?

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Really? Can't wait to listen to it!


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Kastores - -
Iraklis & DNA - -
Axis - -
Gazuama Sinchartchas - -
Ionathan - - new link: -
Noe - -
Akritas - -

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hello! can you please reupload the singles??? im beggging you!!!!

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