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Kim Dae Hwan - "Huk Woo" ("Black Rain") {Korea} [1991]

Kim Dae Hwan is one of Korea's most renowned western style percussionists. On this album he plays with haegeum player Kang Eun Il on three long improvisational pieces. 1. Black Rain Part 1 2. Black Rain Part 2. 3. Encore. Extraordinary.

He died 70 years old. It was very fast to be gone. We cannot forget his wildness and smile.
At first He was a drummer of the first Korean rock group ADD4 formed by Shin Joong Hyun who is the godfather of Korean rock. Then he formed his own band called Kim Trio (the principle of this band was never performing the same songs), and so on.
He joined the first Korean free music group Kang Tae Hwan Trio in 1978. After that, he had performed by solo musician, and collaborated with many kinds of artists till his death.
And also he was a famous calligraphist. His work, 346 letters on a gain of rice, appears on Guinness Book. He had performed calligraphy on his stage every time.
Only this was his leader album put on the market formally before he died. He played very simple drum sets that constructed with a roto-tom and cymbals and Korean traditional drum, with six sticks in his hands. It was very silently. Above his drum sound, haegeum (Korean traditional instrument) by Mrs. Kang Eun Il was crying bitterly or weeping gently.

Gran parte de la percusión presentada en este CD es coreana, pero los instrumentos melódicos son saxofones y trompetas; Kang Unil aparece con el haegum. Las tres pistas incluidas están interrelacionadas como se ve claramente por los títulos: Black Rain 1, Black Rain 2 y Encore.

01 - Black Rain 1 (30:29)
02 - Black Rain 2 (19:13)
03 - Encore (2:39)

03 - Encore

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Very nice share.


Anonymous said...

I came to know his music through his daughter who I met in Seoul. A photographer I met in bar..

strangely I have a great inclination to many kinds of music.. and had been practicing some traditional Korean instruments..
she told me about him and sent me his music then I found this page.

tired and drunk now.. listening his music. I just though I'd comment..

obviously he was a very special person. there are many in the world like him but most go unnoticed...

I'll remember his music forever.
as I simply apreciate all who follow their own path in music.. wonderers. experimenters of sound..
lost followers of their own thoughts.. destructors of the regular rythms of life.


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