Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Best shockingly creative Vanessa-like progressive fusion from Bulgaria: Septet Rousse (1976)

What a beautiful cover!  The paintings with musical instruments and nature scenery are a hallmark of the Eastern European covers, right?  We've seen them before.  But I love this one, so typical of the seventies, with its darkly surrealistic background similar to an Yves Tanguy.

To make up for  yesterday's pulled-down post of Matrix (which I urge everyone to buy to hear) I'll post this one, which probably hasn't been released to CD yet, though I might be wrong since I scarcely have time to check on all these things.  Derived from the famous hoard of Berlin I alluded to earlier, this one compared to Matrix is interesting in that it is squarely in the European fusion style or perhaps Russian fusion style, versus the Matrix which was US-style fusion.  On the other hand, it suffers slightly from featuring over-long improvisations in my opinion.

After today I'll say goodbye until after my holidays for a bit.


Tristan Stefan said...


Anonymous said...

YES it's a killer album !!!
Many many thanks !!!
Much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

frog da god

Anonymous said...

sadly file has been deleted

ThE cX MaN said...

Yes, it's offline: any chance to reupload?


Unknown said...

please reupload. We wanna hear it

rusoope said...

same here! plz reupload!!

Anonymous said...

while waiting for reupload see this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbM47ZWEjMQ

Unknown said...

My copy says recvorded in 1980...

Unknown said...

Septet "ROUSSE" (1980)

Septet "ROUSSE"

Made in Bulgaria
BTA 10490

1. Opus 2 (Ivan Filev)*
2. Necronomikon (Angel Rangelov)*
3. Silhouettes (Staiko Staikov)**
4. Experiment (Ivan Kourtev)**

Peter Petrov - alto saxophone *, tenor saxophone **
Boris Roussev - alto saxophone **, tenor saxophone *
Ilko Petrov - drums
Ivan Kourtev - piano, Fender piano, synthesizers
Plamen Harizanov - bass guitar
Staiko Staikov - synthesizers, percussions
Plamen Nicolov - guitar

Recorded in "BALKANTON STUDIO" - Sofia 1980
Sound direction: Deyan Timnev, Vasil Stefanov
Sound engineers: Michail Bogerianov, Momchil Momchilov
Assistants: Lyoubka Parousheva, Nicolay Hristov, Alexander Daskalov


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