Wednesday, October 16, 2013

BEST US fusion album PART TWO: Matrix (USA, 1975)

On the front:
"Stimulus for the auditory nerve"
On the back:
"Music is the healing force of the universe -- Albert Ayler"

It doesn't get any better than this, if you're looking for highly progressive fusion.  Amazingly it hails from the relatively early years of 1972-1973 (i.e., music recorded in those years, I guess the record was released 2 years later).  This band or album is completely different from the later US soul fusion band of the same name:

A representative piece is the "Morning Song," which has a fugue-like structure played between organ, flute, and electric guitar, with the drummer giving a wave-like sound with his cymbals in the background.  Simply astonishing.



Anonymous said...

This album has been commercially available on CD for years, so maybe you should take this post down.

Anonymous said...

Wow,awesome band. I don't know how you keep coming up with unknown bands like this, but I'm glad you do. Truly a classic fusion album.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr.Tristan.
Do you really know what you're posting?
This is Jack Grassel's band 1st album...
check here:


Unknown said...

This is not a really album of more a album from Jack Grassel.A great guitar player. the line up of this record is Jack Grassel - guitar, Dave Shostac - saxophone and flute, David Philips - bass, Andy LoDuca - drums, Dennis Klopfer - keyboards.

Tristan Stefan said...

wow what a surprise, ok, I will take the post down, thanks for the link

Anonymous said...

best US fusion ?
is this a joke ?
this is crap
who buys such crap ?
Jack Russel you want the link to be removed because
noone shall hear what crap this is

Tristan Stefan said...

"do you really know what you're posting?"
No, of course not, with the amount of music I listen to and receive, as well as a full time job and trying to upload what I think is good, do you think it's possible?

Anonymous said...

jack grussel was is and will ever be a completly nobody that nobody knows

Anonymous said...

Hey Tristan...the "All-Know Man":))

I knew that you would reply with your typical arrogant way.
That you hear so much music isn't an excuse for not knowing Jack Grassel...don't worry we won't tell anyboby.
On the other what makes you think you're the only one who does that? I have dedicated everything on music rejecting the 'family' idea & way of life, buying, listening, trading records all my life....what about you?
And to be honest I really don't care if you stop uploading such crap records -in general- which cost 5-9 euros & remnants on the pavement that Only You describe them as masterpieces & bests.
I (& believe many more people) really feel sorry for you.
But in anyway you deserve the medal of casserole. Keep up uploading such 'masterpieces'...we really need them :))


Anonymous said...

Well there seems like there is some ill will going on in this comment thread, and that's a shame. I am not familiar with this artist or album but I did like the track that was posted here. Unfortunately I did not get to hear the whole album, but wish I had. As far as I understood it a BIG part of the point of this blog is that it exposes people to music that the vast majority of the world would never have any idea of its existence, and for that I am thankful. Sure I could sit around and listen to old radiohead albums all day and watch soccer until I die, but I'm more interested in the creative potential of humans.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and their individual tastes but its really not cool to tear tristan down for all of his efforts, just because he didn't know everything about the album he put up (THAT IS THE POINT AGAIN: to learn about obscure music) or that you don't like the music yourself. If you don't like the music here on this blog there are many many more blogs out there with mainstream dross on it that might make you feel less aggressive.

For my part I have learned about a lot of music here on this blog and others like it and I am thankful for the efforts of tristan and the other people out there that work hard at the mostly thankless task of exposing the rest of us to the musical history of the planet.


Anonymous said...

i would keep the work going as long as i have fun to do it and i wouldn't care if someone has a problem with it, because what's the point of being here when you don't like it ? trolling around is part of our time, it has nothing to do with your relationship to those, who like your work -Max

Anonymous said...

Seems that Tristan replied himself as anonymous (-Thom & -Max)'re pathetic man!
Of course there're hundreds of music blogs to read & for sure music isn't only radiohead but there's something else which makes the difference and that is called "dignity". This blog posted really nice albums and that's the reason I'm here (for your answer "mr.anonymous"), but I won't accept crap-music under the moniker "best" or "masterpiece" because someone named it like this...To put it on another way? Why giving wrong impression to people, letting the "virus" spread on other blogs by people who would never be interested even to take this LP for free? Every vinyl lover can buy 5$ rubbish and baptize it "masterpiece" just to take the credits, but the reader here is the victim as he takes totally wrong info, and probably price on e-bay goes from 5$ to 35$ because someone had the idea to call it a "best". One of those victims is also me but it happens to have dedicated my life in music and can't accept such a description on this one...(and for sure many past others)
So "mr.anonymous" you need to have comments like these here and it isn't about "tear tristan down for all of his efforts"


Tristan Stefan said...

well I don't know who you are but good luck with "dedicated everything on music rejecting the 'family' idea & way of life" because it seems to have made you pretty angry, D. Philips, but please, stop reading the blog if you hate it so much.

Anonymous said...

got you, mr philips and thanks for warning. honestly, i'm not in danger to be a "victim" like you and tristan can post every week another "best us fusion album" on his blog, because it's his blog, his opinion and his time and work, to keep the blog going and still it wouldn't change my own taste and my own opinion. my favorite is by far after crying with megalázottak és megszomorítottak, de profundis and show. well i guess people have opinions which lp would be a masterpiece and which not. simply find out yourself. peace -Max

tek said...

Dude, D.Philips, you've lost it man. I have never met Tristan but wish I had, and the thought that I am him disguised as an "anonymous" is pretty funny, and a little paranoid of you. I was just too lazy to log into my account for the post.

I hear what you're saying and you make a valid point that people definitely do hype up mediocre albums on the web to drive the internet sales of said mediocre albums. There certainly were some pretty bad and boring fusion albums put out in the 70's and 80's as well that have gotten way over-rated by people in their enthusiasm to rediscover obscure albums and maybe this is one (I still have never heard it). Not every album is an undiscovered masterpiece.

Although all of those points may have some validity, you do nothing to persuade people of that when you are rude bordering on mean. Its just lame man. Really, learn to be a little nicer on sites like this. If you are a miserable person don't spread it. there is already enough misery in the world. If you don't want to be a miserable person then don't. It's easy. My goal is not to further piss you off. Its just to get you to tone it down. Your words might carry more weight if you did.


Susan Balmar said...

haha jokes! these cats need to hit up an IHop with their notepad after a yoga session!

October Country said...

This IS a great album...count to seven and boogie! Tristan, you are Right On(correct as usual King Friday) and your endeavors ARE greatly appreciated (and highly anticipated!)
They help add enjoyment and creativity to this sorry old world,
not to mention the righteous rediscovering and sharing of forgotten treasures, some nearly lost in the mists of time...
Thanks for everything bro, now back to the deep autumn magic, where hills are fog and people whisper by like leaves of fire...

Anonymous said...

This piece is great love the crescendo cymbals that was the thing then. Beautiful.


rusoope said...

seems imma miss this album, so sad :(

Rxsta said...

Realy great album this one!

Rxsta said...

This is a brilliant album and is not typical of US fusion, the US are great at jazz but often find it very hard to put the heart in it with Fusion compared to other country's.

broselmachine said...

please give me download link :(
if possible FLAC

Anonymous said...

Wow Tristan seems like the worst human being of all time

i've never posted a single comment on a blog before. but man, that guy is disgusting and it made me so mad.

the idea that rejecting love for music is something to be lauded.. man..

i hope that every night you pray that no potential musical geniuses grow up rejecting living so that they can learn to play scales faster and write more songs about dungeons & dragons (not that you were actually sociable enough or creative enough to play dungeons and dragons)

I've heard music played by people who don't care about living. It's clinical technically sound nonsense for shut-ins working at Guitar Center complaining about how Hendrix and Miles are overrated.

Anonymous said...

oh man i said Tristan was the terrible person didn't i?

Tristan is the guy who has the blog? There goes my reading comprehension grades for this semester, eh?

D. Phillips. That's the guy I thought was a reprehensible shut-in. Sorry Tristan. And sorry D. Phillips for possibly making you think that you had somebody on your angry and confused side for the first time in your life.

Anonymous said...

Agree on the "get a life" argument from Tristan. Mr Philips, you should relax and breath.

But the point is not there.

The point is : Tristan posted something without double checking his source. His blog is dedicated to non mainstream. SO check what you posted dear leader of opinion!!

And your excuse is definitly pathetic cause "listening to lots of music and working hard " is exactly what we all do, as music lovers. So it is not an excuse.

Nobody forced you to build this blog. So the message is "if you do it, do it good or at least try hard"


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