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Best US fusion album PART 1: Tony Palkovic - Every Moment (USA, 1982)

A magnificent, superbly masterful American guitarist by the name of Tony Palkovic produced two seminal masterpieces of US-style fusion called "Deep Water"  and "Every Moment" -- and thanks to osurec (the mighty osurec) again for introducing me to this brilliant and uncompromising artist.  This is in the style of for ex. Mike Warren and Survival Kit or Mike Santiago and Entity (I always have trouble telling those two apart) or the Tony Dupuis album I posted last year.  Tony P. is still active in music and just released an album called Esoteric:
I would really love to know if he has a day job, or if he is able to work only in music, because of his outstanding talents.  I'd like to ask him what he thinks of these masterpieces of the past, and if he agrees with my constant thesis that the music of this period is superior to anything before or after.  (Probably he would disagree, since he just made a CD.)

I just love this record, it's so full of energy, which is the prime reason I love fusion, but also it runs all over a huge variety of emotions and styles, and it's obvious he was classically trained because of the appearance here and there of classical chord progressions.  So the sheer variety and creativity in here simply astounds me.  I've mentioned this before as what I believe the single factor that explains to me why the progressive music was so good in this period, the fact that these musicians had such a great education to build on.


Bakmak - out of the blue (REUP in stereo below, the second link)
Bakmak  - forward flight  (REUP in stereo below, the second link)
(both are excellent)
Quartet Music - ST (posted next up)
Quartet Music - Ocean Park (REUPPED BELOW)
Quartet Music - Window on the lake (I posted it last year) (REUPPED BELOW)
From before:
Suburbanismo -- (Reupped two posts up)
Coalition - Mindsweepers  -- (Reupped two posts up)

As usual, I will upload probably Monday or Tuesday if no one else does.  Remember even though one person requests, about 50-150 people wind up downloading each link, so there's a huge need for these reups.  I didn't realize this until I started doing it myself.


Tristan Stefan said...

Anonymous said...

Hi Stefan,
here are the rips from Osurec, mp3, 256 kbit, and like most Osurec rips only mono.
New rips in stereo welcome !!!
Rock on,

Anonymous said...

I have never heard of Tony Palkovic but, as you've done many times in the past, your description simply makes it impossible to pass this by. I am often confused by the 'fusion' label. Much of what was called 'fusion' in those days was vapid, lifeless, middle-of-the-road radio jazz-lite. I've not often come across the other variety: the truly creative, down and dirty kind with guts. Here's hoping I'm reading your description right. Many thanks.


Tristan Stefan said...

quartet music ocean park

Tristan Stefan said...

quartet music window on the lake

Tristan Stefan said...
This is a stereo copy of bakmak out of the blue the first album

poul said...

Thank you so much Tristan, you are the best... the Bakmak file is superb and the music always reminds me of my youth, ageless good !!! ...and as I see have you reup the first Quartet Music in this moment... I think about a marriage with you lol ;)

DutchPrivatePressings said...

Coalition-Mindsweepers available in mp3-256 Kb/s. Got it here, but happy to reupload if wanted

Tristan Stefan said...

lol well my wife keeps complaining I should marry this music instead of her ! Since I spend more time with it !

Tristan Stefan said...

Stereo copy of second bakmak album:

Tristan Stefan said...

Horst said...

Schöner melodisch-entspannter "lounge fusion" mit dem typischen Analogsound und der kreativen Energie dieser Zeit. Erinnert mich stark an die Musik von Carsten Bohn für einige bekannte EUROPA-Hörspielreihen aus den Siebzigern/frühen Achtzigern (Drei Fragezeichen, Fünf Freunde), die mir durch tausendmaliges Hören ins Gehirn gewaschen sind. Tristan Stefan, hast du Interesse daran? Kann ich dir einen Bohn-Link schicken (nichtöffentlich, da privater Bootleg)? Für die einen ist es fuzak, für die anderen einfach nur geile Musik.

Anonymous said...

is it possble to post more Tony Palkovic albums ''Deep Water (1980)'' ; ''Born With A Desire (1985)'' ; ''Esoteric (2000)'' would be amazing
i find out that maybe i can get ''Esoteric'' , found it in a Torrent russian maybe i can post it myself on the coments of the post...thank you very much for this great post

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