Monday, October 14, 2013

Individual Ricotti and de Albuquerque Albums [requested]

After their collaboration on "First Wind", they made these three interesting albums.  Frank Ricotti was a session musician and library music contributor as you can see here:
He did make this highly interesting album called "Vibes" in 1981 which features a couple of very well-written and progressive tracks, though the majority of it is library muzak.  Worth hearing for the great 2-3 tracks.

As for de Albuquerque, he moved into the pop-prog direction, away from the folk of "First Wind" with two phenomenally well-composed albums.
These are the kind of professionally-played and smooth pop prog records only the British could do well, think Argent, Greenslade, Mike Hugg, or perhaps Stackridge.  The imaginativeness of the arrangements, as was the case with The Beatles, is what I love the most here.  There are ordinary tracks, but then out of the blue you hear some really interesting progressive chords or passages.  Highly recommended!

Finally, note that Frank Ricotti collaborated on Albuquerque's records, but not vice-versa obviously.  The former also appeared on Tony Campo's phenomenal library masterpiece Garuda, recently featured on the cdrwl.


Tristan Stefan said...

Ricotti Vibes
Albuquerque 1 (73)
Albuquerque 2 (75)

Now let's see what Tom has up his sleeve on the cdrwl for tomorrow.


Many Many Thanks

Anonymous said...

many many thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for these great albums.Is there any chance of you posting these in flac format?I would really like to have these in lossless audio, because they are so great. Also there seems to be a slight glitch on track 1 of the stalking the sleeper album(about a second of silence)Anyway thanks again for these, and hopefully we can have these in flac.Keep up the good work.

øשlqæda said...

dear tristan, please contact me:

holywarbles (at) yahoo (dot) com

furrball said...

I used to have "We May Be Cattle..." MANY years ago, and it was one of those LPs I'd long given up hope of finding another copy of. Well, whaddayaknow? :) Thanks!!
(P.S.: Did anybody mention Michael was also a member (for a time) of Electric Light Orchestra?)

Anonymous said...

great! thank you so much.

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