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The Ashqelon Quilt - "The Event" {Israel} [2001] (Prog Rock - Art Rock) (VBR)

The ASHQELON QUILT are a young Israeli trio who seem to have absorbed the best of late 60's and early 70's progressive elements. Their material ranges from English, Celtic and Middle Eastern folk to the BEATLES, GENTLE GIANT, PINK FLOYD and early GENESIS (circa "Trespass"). The band consists of brothers Orj Hendel (guitars) and Shachar Hendel (keyboards, bass and MIDI programming), and Sharon Rinat (recorder); all three alternately share vocal duties. A number of guests also contributed some vocals, flute and violin on their 2001 release "The Event", including the Hendel brothers' own dad, Benny Hendel.

The album combines the rustic qualities of folk and the deep, lushness of pure symphonic prog, most obvious on the epic closing track. The soft, breathy vocals of the Hendel brothers will remind you of the ZOMBIES, whereas Sharon Rinat's voice is slightly reminiscent of Sally Oldfield's. Unfortunately, all vocals are accented and a little shaky (especially Rinat's). But it is the band's knack for successfully integrating a multitude of musical ideas that makes their material interesting: bits of HACKETT-like guitar here, some Clive Nolan-like keyboards there, Floydian guitar solos, RIVERDANCE-like drum beats, frequent BEATLEsque inflexions (both musically and vocally), echoes of GENTLE GIANT as well as PORCUPINE TREE soundscapes cropping up everywhere: everything here gels perfectly to create a unique, mellow symphonic sound carefully spiced up with some Middle Eastern accents. Very good production overall.

Highly recommended if you appreciate moderately complex, mellow prog and don't mind a slight folk twist.

01 - One by One (3:26)
02 - Crown (6:33)
03 - The Coin (8:38)
04 - Twilights (3:26)
05 - Introduction to the Event (2:11)
06 - The Event (4:20)
07 - Tel-Aviv Stress (3:18)
08 - Substitute (3:46)
09 - The Well (11:25)

- Shachar Hendel / lead vocals, analog & digital keyboards, grand piano, drum-programming
- Orj Hendel / electric & acoustic guitars, mandolin, charango, darbuka drums, backing vocals
- Sharon Rinat / recorders, vocals & vocalizes

Guest musicians:
- Corrine Schlomovitch / violin (on 1)
- Hagar Dagan / flute (on 9)
- Nohar Rosenthal / backing vocals (on 9)
- Merav Ben-David / vocals (on 7)
- Benny Hendel / vocals (on 5)

03 - The Coin ...
06 - The Event ......
07 - Tel-Aviv Stress ...

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Sounds good. Thanks!

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Realy nice this one - Thanx!!!

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HELLO from Israel.

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it's the second time i descover great Israeli prog thanks to the PNF crew...

i'm from israel and i've never heard about these guys...thanks:]

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Thanks Thanks for share in Sharebee!!!
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I heard this first on before I came across this blogs site. From the sample track I heard, It seems very promising. Looking forward to hearing the rest.

--The Detriot Moose

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