Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Kandahar - "Long Live The Sliced Ham & In The Court Of Catherina Squeezer" {Belgium} [1974-75] (prog rock)

"This group, hailing from Ghent (in Western part of Belgium), played some rather adventurous rock music and formed in 73, and were a cross of jazz-rock with Canterbury influences and sometimes a touch of Zeuhl. They released on their own private label Dwarf two albums, which were quite in the avant-garde progressive rock of the time (sounding a bit like a cross of Placebo, Pazop and Cos), before going broke.

In their heydays, Kandahar was often favourably compared withSupersister, but once they folded due to lack of finances again, leader Karel Bogaert, an engineer, returned to his professional acrtivities in the Far-East, but released a few solo albums. This left Jeff Devisscher at the helm of Kandahar, and they will take time to re-group. After a few years, they managed to release an Ep, than another album, but clearly their moment had gone. None of their albums have ever been re-issued on vinyl or on Cd format, making Kandahar records very sought-after.

In the late 80’s the group reformed for one album that will fail to bring back the feel of their early days brilliance. Only this album is available." (taken from progarchives)

The Day I Came To Life..
Down at the Finckle's..

thanks to Seebaer :)


nahavanda said...


*in the court of catherina squeezer

*long live the sliced ham

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Thank you so much! I've been looking for these for quite some time...

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I really appreciate your work here!
There is always something interesting to listen at.

Thanks again!

Kalle A.

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Thank you very much for today's uploads.

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Banzai !!

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hello!thx this great music!!
Sithlord from Hungary

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Thank you! I don't say it every time but I've discovered so much great music through PNF. Honestly, PNF is a treasure.

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When you are happy, i am happy too :)

Banzai ;)

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Many thanks for these 2 albums.

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