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Lougarou - "Lougarou" {Canada} [1976] (prog folk/rock)

Garolou (or Lougarou, as they were initially called) developed around the nucleus of the Lalonde brothers, Marc and Michel. Native Ontarians, the nomads reunited in 1974, as part of a theater troupe in Prince Edward Island. They soon found themselves in contact with first-rate musicians from the East Coast, notably guitarist George Antoniak and keyboardist Steven Naylor. With the addition of drummer Michel "Stan" Deguire, the first line-up moved to the Laurentians, and quickly set to the task of building up a repertoire of valid rock music with progressive overtones. They found their repertoire from an unlikely source: archives of French-Canadian traditional folk music from noted musicologists such as Father Anselme Chiasson. ..Although crowds were receptive to their brand of traditional rock music, record company executives were not forthcoming. In a gesture of faith, Le Studio in Morin Heights, Quebec, opened their doors to the group during off-hours, with the group owing nothing until they secured a recording contract with the finished masters.

Antoniak and Naylor would leave the group soon after their first album, to be replaced with guitarist Gilles Beaudoin and keyboardist Réginald Guay. (Beaudoin would leave before the third album, in turn replaced by Gaston Gagnon.) Although lineup changes are common, name changes are less so: faced with a... read more here


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Those crazy French Canadians... BTW someone knows why they sing with a ludicrous accent?

Sins We Can't Absolve.

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Do you have Mannaminne by Hasse Bruniusson? - Best wishes to you & thank you for the good posts.

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hola,my name is martin and here is the link for my album


marcelo dominguez:guitarras
martin balik:contrabajo
carlos bernales:piano
track list:
1.el llamado(martin balik)
2.out of town(carlos bernales)
5.tus ojos(balik)
7.entre los miedos y los sueños(dominguez)
9.amanecer simetrico(bernales)
10.belen(balik) el pueblo(balik,dominguez,bernales)
trio instrumental of tango,jazz,clasico,recorded in new york 2006.

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This was a very nice album, thanks a lot for sharing. A couple of (relatively) similar Quebecians I can recommend are Conventum and Bertrand Gosselin.

peace and love

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