Tuesday, April 17, 2007

In Spe - "In Spe" {Estonia} [1982] (symphonic progressive)

As requested by one of the visitors. The following is an excellent review of the album by Greg Northrup, originally published at Giant Progweed (progweed.net).

"In Spe's debut is widely known as one of the best albums to come out from behind the Iron Curtain in the 1980s, and like many other bands with similar geopolitical limitations (Solaris, Horizont, Karseke), they have just recently come to the attention of a wider Western audience thanks to recent CD reissues. In Spe is certainly an impressive release, if one that takes some time to sink in. The group plays a fairly unique style of symphonic progressive rock; generally slow and morose, with a heavily composed, classical feel. The instrumentation is fairly interesting, as the band makes heavy use of the recorder (remember middle school?) as a primary melodic device. Though that may sound strange, and it does at first, it is tastefully applied and well played. When juxtaposed against the fantastic array of flute, moog, guitars and organs, it only aids in creating an overwhelmingly rich melodic tapestry, and a distinctly idiosyncratic feel {continuation here, more info here}".


1. Symphony for Seven Performers/ Sümfoonia Seitsmele Esitajale:
a) Ostium - 4:25
b) Illuminatio - 6:50
c) Mare Vitreum - 8:16
2. Antidolorosum - 1:55
3. Päikesevene / The Sunboat - 8:59
4. Sfääride Võitlus / The Fight of the Spheres - 7:19

Peeter Brambat - Flute, Tenor Recorder
Toivo Kopli - Bass Guitar
Priit Kuulberg - Digital Normalizer, Roland Vocoder
Mart Metsala - Prophet 5, Roland Jupiter 8, Hammond, VLM
Riho Sibul - Guitars
Anne Tüür - Fender Rhodes, Yamaha Electric Grand
Erkki-Sven Tüür - Minimoog, Prophet 5, Roland Jupiter 8, Flute, Soprano Recorder, Vocal
Arvo Urb - Drums

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Serhiy said...


Anonymous said...

hello!thx this great music!!
Sitlord from Hungary

wibbler said...

This album is absolutely stunning, a true prog gem! Many thanks for making this available, the best I've heard this year.

Anonymous said...

Yes - fantastic - thank you. Also a request: Do you have an album by the 2nd leader of In Spe, Alo Mattiisen? I have heard that an album of his music was released including some classical pieces and some In Spe material. This record was called "Facing the Time". If you have it and and are willing to post it, I would be most grateful. Kind regards!

Anonymous said...

Excellent taste. Well done.

Serhiy said...

Very unfortunately, I don't have anything by Alo Mattiisen. I've been looking for it myself for quite a while. I only have the second album by In Spe, but given that it was released on a CD by Musea and thus is not a rarity at all, I haven't really thought about posting it here. Does anyone need it?

Jakob said...

IN SPE did a comeback gig in Tartu Musicdays.

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