Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sapo - "Sapo" {USA} [1974] (funk rock)

Well i couldnt find a good information for the band, i have reasons to love the coverart :)) friends who like santana may like sapo more. enjoy!

Get It On..
Ritmo Del Corazon..


nahavanda said...

link: http://tinyurl.com/2oosn7

Pepe said...
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Pepe said...

Excellent album naha, Sapo is one of those gems that represent the Chicano rock movement in the san francisco bay area, the heart of this band is Richard bean former singer of the Jorge Santana (brother of the guitar legend Carlos Santana) band "Malo" which i will be posting an album soon .

Ive found some info in the next link. for you who are reading this, i highly recommend this album, if you like bands like Santana (70´s era), Bwana,Chicano,War, Barrabas with great latin rhytms, this album is definitely for YOU. so enjoy :)

link with some info: http://www.sapomusic.com/about_info.html

Greets from Guatemala

Anonymous said...

I love thise bands thanks very much

Anonymous said...

Extremely good music. Reminds me Mandrill, Piraña, Chicano. Thanks Nahavanda. André-Brazil

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