Sunday, April 08, 2007

Disparition - "Transmutations" {USA} [2007] (electronica)

This is one of my friend's work, As a listener i love the album, and i wanted to share with all PNF family :)
Hope you like the album as much as i do; here is some copy/paste:

"...It’s got a fairly wide range of styles, and was influenced by music from a number of different genres which I tried to combine in what I hope are interesting ways. The album art is by Sumudu Welaratna, and its based on the imagery of Splendor Solis, an alchemical manuscript from the 16th century attributed to Salomon Trismosin. The music on this album was influenced by this and other visual art by medieval and early modern alchemists, as is evident in some of the track names. Other conceptual influences included meteorological and geological phenomena, Balkan history and culture, current events, and nationalism. The musical influences range from contemporary electronic acts like Boards of Canada, Freescha, and the Boats to veterens like Brian Eno and progressive rock bands like King Crimson and Genesis, composers such as Bela Bartok and Frederic Chopin, and the central and eastern European folk music that influenced them...." more reviews & info here

You can find some more works and infos of Jon Bernstein at



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Anonymous said...

Thx for posting this one, but it is flawed and incomplete. I downloaded twice to make sure. I hope you can re-up the album, because I am curious to listen to it. I have never heard of this band.

Anonymous said...

The third time it worked well. Thx for posting. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

This looks quite intrigueing but unfortunately the link does not work.

Anonymous said...

I got this album when he posted it at the SomethingAwful forums. Howdy, goons.

Good stuff, by the way. Fans of Boards of Canada will appreciate this.

Bob Menser said...

Quite a good album. Good enough to play on my show on WJCU FM in Cleveland.

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