Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Emeraude - "Geoffroy" {France} [1981] (folk/psych prog)

As requested by one of the blog's visitors, reposted here is an obscure French effort offering melancholic folk progressive music which features alternating acoustical and electric themes based on guitar arpeggios and layered keyboards. Originally a private release, reissued in Italy by Mellow Records.


1. Boule de Plume (Simonet/Baud/Ansart) 4:02
2. Pluie (Baud/Flachon) 1:24
3. Viking (Baud) 12:00
4. Geoffroy (Flachon/Ansart) 16:28
5. Duo (Baud/Flachon) 1:22


Bernadette Simonet - piano
Gilles Baud - guitar, bass, vocals
Jean Paul Ansart - synthesizers
Dom - guitar
Gilles E. - guitar
Didier - drums


Serhiy said...

Link: http://tinyurl.com/yrox9f

Anonymous said...

Thank you so Serhiy ! Be well and continue. NATURE BOY

Anonymous said...

This album is incredible... Thanks for the discovery!! Feel free to share more French goodies like this one! :)

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