Thursday, April 05, 2007

Marimba de Concierto de Bellas Artes - "Armonia Universal" {Guatemala/Japan} [1995]

“Universal Harmony, Beyond Time and Space” was created during visit that Marimba de Concierto to Japan, back in 1995. The piece is built with a combination of Guatemalan and Japanese sonorities, and also with original variations and melodies composed for marimba and koto, This event was a landmark in the development of the Guatemalan marimba since, for the first time this difficult task was attempted. And the attempt ended successfully because the Marimba de Concierto was able tu surpass all the technical limitations with new musical themes.

It stems from a very hard effort to broaden the marimba’s beauty to other audiences all over the world. And it is rewarding to hear the exotic sound of Koto, to imagine that one is wandering in a rain forest or in a small beautiful village, be it a Guatemalan or a Japanese one. Or, Simply, feel with this music joys of sunrise watching and birds singing.

Highly recommended to every world music lover

Thanks to Musashi :)

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