Monday, April 03, 2006

Angelo Branduardi - "Highdown Fair" [1980] @320 Exquisite Italian Folk / Lyrics translated by Pete Sinfield

Angelo Branduardi was born in Cuggiono, near Milano, in 1950. At five he told his parents that he wanted to learn the piano and become a famous clasical performer. This instrument was too big for his family budget and for the tiny apartment where they were living, so he got a second hand violin. Thus started one of the most consistent carreers in european folk history, although folk is a word that doesn't contain the whole of Branduardi's view of music and the arts. Certainly he is inclined to acoustic and delicate sounds, but he can also go electric when he wants. His voice is that of angel. His hairdress has gotten him strong crticism and sarcasm.

Highdown fair is the english version of a compilatory album that contains the best of the first decade of his career. The original title in italian was "Alla Fiera dell'est" which is also the title of one of his most famous songs, reminiscence of a children's medieval tune. In fact the middle ages (and its imaginary insertion in our times) is one of Branduardi's notable obssesions, as women, as sanctity (he dedicated an albun to the Saint Francis of Asis), as the simple life of peasants, thiefs, charlatans, magicians, gypsys, card readers, theatrical troupes, and a million more characters that populate the european collective consciousness.
No wonder Pete Sinfield was chosen to translate a man who is part poet, part trobadeur, part beggar and part philosopher.
Branduardi is still composing touring and playing. A living legend whose creativity and freshness increases with time.
Highly recommended.

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This link is broken . . . any chance of an update? I had this album on LP many years ago and would love to hear it again!

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Found it on slsk. here's the rar:


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