Monday, April 10, 2006

Laszlo Hortobagyi - "6th All-India Music Conference" [1990] @256 (Incredible futuristic ethno-dark-electro-ritual music)

Welcome to the gardens that exist inside the mind of a mad genius.
I took the following paragraph from Mr. Hortobagyi's website:

"Imagine this world...

>> Where the high-structured system of the European polyphon music enters into combination with the Asian polyphonic technique of the musical time,

>> Where phrases of a Baroque organ is building according to the classical Tâla system and a composed matrix variations of the Tintâla Bass in Madhya Laya, where the traditional Sitâr (of Gâyaki Ang) compositions of the North-Indian Kirânâ vocal-school are performed as a polyphone harpsichord (or harpsitâr) concerto accompanied by psychedelic reggae bass.

>> Where the orthodox Slavonic Church's vocal service is supplied in the construction of the classical indian Dhrupad style (Ábhog, Sanchâri etc.)

>>Where the repetitive Gamelan music follows the construcûon of the instrumental râga-s of India (Álâp-Jhór-Jhâlla) and recalling the spirits of the classical electronic rock concerts in Jâva,

>> Where "God's Army" the Eastem Church choir segments appear in the high-bridged Chakradâr-Tihâi triplex construction of the cadence in the Indian Tâla system."

I hope this words help to define El Horto's music. Anyway I must add that he is not only strange but also mad.

Hortobagyi has spent the last 30 years creating the music of a world that never existed but might exist in a parallel universe. A complete Musical History of a Parallel Earth. A planet , where east and west mixed somewhat differently. Much deeper.

Hortobagyi, a hungarian composer and music theoricist, has travelled extensively accross India and the middle east collecting and breathing the intoxicating vapors of an inmense musical and ritual heritage. He is nowadays professor of ethno-musicolgy at the University of Budapest, and adviser of Musical Technology for the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Due to his privileged position he has access to what probably is the biggest eastern music collection in Europe. He uses this and many other resources wisely.

Being a man capable of moving freely in the boundaries of the spiritual planes and the technological universe, he lives way ahead of our present. He dwells in the future.

Finally, I must repeat Hortobagyi is a madman. Why do I say so? Because he gives his music away for free in his website. Yes. FREE. All his incredible albums. Including the extremely acid cover art. A treasure that is waiting there for you to collect.

Do yourself a big favor and go here , then hit "disco" and start a trip thru the cracks of existence, where the Ancient Gods lurk, or maybe not, maybe it is just a trip inside our hidden soul. Wherever it might be , Hortobagyi is there and he has many gifts for you.

Keep Listening!!!


Tangletwigs said...

Wow - thank you for pointing this out !

Anonymous said...

Complete discography of Laszlo Hortobagyi is available here:

Anonymous said...

i put up moondogs sax pax for a sax a week or so ago,
but this Laszlo is pretty darn good. will have to listen more
sooooo, with that, Thanks & Cheers!

Anonymous said...

This disc is excelent, perfect blend of indian and classic instrumentation...

Anonymous said...

another link:
another link:

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